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Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Day Nitro-Chili-Burn fun fly event update

Just a quick reminder to everyone that we are still on for the New Years Day fun fly event.
Starts at 10-10:30 AM MST at the Fremont County Radio Control Club flying field no matter the weather. Cold, wind, snow, rain or sunshine this event is a go!!!
Bring yourself and family members and all your friends. Everyone is welcome to join us in this fun filled annual club event. We've had a tremendous turnout of flyers and spectators during the past events and this year promises to be more of the same with even more surprises in store for everyone's enjoyment. There will once again be a shared pot of chili for everyone to enjoy and to ward off the weather along with shared pot luck dishes brought by the good folks attending this event. I will be supplying the propane heaters and wind breaks in case of cool temperatures so that everyone can enjoy the festivities throughout the day during this fun fly event.
 I have heard from several members of other RC clubs in the region and expect a large turnout of support from these clubs in our region again this year also enjoying themselves flying and having a great time welcoming in the new year with us.
 If you would like to bring a dish to share with everyone that would be greatly appreciated or even some sort of other liquid refreshments to go along with the food to share with friends and family.
 The weather forecast is looking for temps nearing the 40's in the long range forecasts I've been reading and seeing and low winds too, so it looks like a great day to go flying!!!
I look forward to seeing everyone at the field this coming New Years Day and I'm gathering everything up to make it another memorable fun fly event again.
 Happy New Years to everyone from the Fremont County Radio Control Club!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flying today...........12-21-2014

I arrived at the field around 9:30 AM or so to notice that the wind sock was barely moving at times and other times it was moving slightly, but the air had a slight chill to it but I started unloading my UPROAR airplane and got busy prepping it to fly..........I ended up having some fuel needle jet clogging issues with my engine and while working to solve the problem our fellow club member Dennis Sporing arrived and came up with the proper diagnosis to solve my fueling issues......Thank you again the time I got things going the winds had started to pick up more as the cold front started blowing in to the region, but I got in a couple of decent flights including some very slow hovering into the wind type of flying real low to the runway.......that was quite a rush doing that down low to the ground like I was doing but it sure was a lot of fun too!!!
The wind really started getting blustery and bumpy upstairs while flying and trying to hover and land while having almost no forward ground speed kept things interesting to say the least.....once I decided to actually land and stay down it was time to get in out of the wind gusts so Dennis and I went into the impound building for comfort from the gusty winds. He found a pair of someone's glasses that had been left behind at the field earlier in the week and they're locked up inside the impound building for whoever left them behind to claim.
 I'd like to take this time to remind everyone of our clubs upcoming Nitro-Chili-Burn fun fly event that will be held on New Years Day of 2015, the same as we've been doing the past few years now, so dont forget to bring a plane and your appetite since we will be sharing a pot luck meal with everyone in attendance that morning starting around 10 - 10:30 AM MST on New Years Day.
 Don't forget to bring your camera as there will be several things going on during this fun fly and hopefully another new surprise coming up that morning for everyone's enjoyment also.......
 Dont forget to renew your annual club dues and yearly AMA membership if you haven't done so already. Marlowe has said he will be bringing the necessary items with him to renew anyone's membership dues during the fun fly event also, or to start any new members membership that day also for everyone's convenience.
 I'll be changing the gate combo soon after the New Year and you can get the new combo from Marlowe that day also.
I hope that everyone is having a terrific time this joyous holiday season and I look forward to seeing everyone at the club field on New Years Day, along with their friends and families too.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Test Flying on Tuesday

Well I had a lot of things going on Tuesday including going into Canon City for some necessary shopping. However just before I left home I checked airport weather and it showed calm winds. So I tossed a plane into my car and headed to Canon City with an intermediate stop at our flying field. It was late in the day, but I thought there was enough time for a couple of flights before the sun set in the West. Within a minute of arriving at the field (I was alone there) I installed the LiPo battery in my Spitfire and set off for the first flight. The wind was slight and from the East. I switched on 3 axis stabilization and proceeded the takeoff roll. As it picked up speed it was straight arrow down the runway. The first left hand turn required both rudder and aileron to overcome the stabilization. No problem. After a few minutes of flying I switched off the gyros and realized it needed a few clicks of down elevator and a lot of clicks of left ailerons. It loops and rolls quite well and although it doesn't have unlimited vertical its power is okay. Again switching on stability I brought it into a landing approach. After rolling out onto final the gyros were locked in right down the runway and I controlled the rate of decent via the throttle. My mouth dropped open as the Spitfire made a picture perfect landing. It looked as if it were on an invisible wire. Before it came to a full stop I gunned it and pulled another takeoff. I wanted to see if I could repeat another "perfect" landing. Sure enough, with stability still turned on, it was another two great landings. However on the last landing I didn't bleed off enough speed before I turned to the right and partially collapsed and bent the right landing gear. I couldn't fly again until I bent the gear back.

Just then my cell phone rang and my wife just had to give the good news about her medical tests. So we chatted for a while until I had to explain that I was at the field and the daylight was beginning to fail. After the call ended I hurriedly got out the needle nose pliers and started bending the gear back when all of a sudden the Spit squirted out of my grip and dropped upside down on the ground, damaging the rudder hinges. That ended flying for Tuesday.

Spitfire from Hobby King
Note the separation of the rudder from the fin, caused by dropping it on the ground
Speaking of Spitfire we saw a full scale replica being constructed at the Aircraft Museum in Pueblo. It is quite an undertaking. See photo below.

Anyway, with a successful test flight,  I'm contemplating utilizing 3 axis stability on a larger nitro powered plane in my inventory. So many pilots of high dollar investment (jets & warbirds) planes are turning to 3 axis stability. I can understand why.