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Sunday, May 27, 2012

For Sale

Check out the for sale page as there are new items added now. Thanks

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A few more photo's from last Sunday. Got to "buddy up" with Ed and fly my  Aero-Star wind was a bit of an issue for me but with Ed and Cloyce's help it all went well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hangar9 Piper Pawnee Maiden Flight, Thursday, May 17th, 2012 and a follow-up flight the following day.

By Mark J. Sullivan

 I got this Piper Pawnee from a fellow AMA pilot that lives up in Fort Collins, CO. last Tuesday May 15th, 2012, and got it back here and set up with a 2.4ghz Spektrum AR8000 reciever and flying it with a brand new Spektrum DX7S Transmitter.

Hangar9 Piper Pawnee with an .82 Saito 4 Stroke engine.

 I had Cloyce Mann do the honors of the Maiden flight to trim it out for me, and once he got it settled down some he then handed the radio over to me to try my hand at it some too. What a docile, easy turning flyer it is turning out to be. 

 Cloyce and I both did some low passes, and Mark Putzer got these incredibly great pictures taken of the flight for me.

Cloyce Mann manning the sticks.

What a great looking plane!!!
Next thing we know  it seems like a very awful long flight time and I hand Cloyce back the radio for him to set up his landing approaches and feel that out some for me, so I can learn and observe from a good pilot. 

 Cloyce does the usual......."One more time around" kind of a pass and gets out around to the North and  East end area of the pattern, and right then runs out of fuel, as he got lined up for a low but fast approach.
Now he is committed to land, and has too much speed to bleed off without much headwind to slow it down, and he does a terrific job of a great dead-stick landing not knowing what to expect one way or the other, even tho he had to carry it along the runway as long as he dared to, to bleed off the speed first.

 He finallllllly was able to set down at the West end of the runway heading West towards the tank fence and got it stopped about 12 feet shy of the fence-line without a problem......Thats why he is the seasoned pro and I'm just learning and observing yet still....
Another picture of Mark Putzer's great photography and handiwork!!!
All's well that ends well.....a spectacular Maiden Flight !!!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Now it is the next morning, Friday, May 18th, 2012 and I am itching for another flight on the Pawnee yet still, so I load up and head to the field about 9AM, and Bill Worthen is there already flying his Ugly Stick, with his usual great success of course.
I prepare the Pawnee and asked Bill to stand by for assistance, in case I need some trimming done, and off we go. It flies extremely well without much of any need for trimming and then time to land.....and I plunked it in a bit harder than it should be done....and learn that it needs a tick of power but not speed to land it smoothly.

Now more flying for Dennis Sporing and Bill Worthen, on Dennis' Telemaster trainer airplane buddy- boxed up, while I check things out on the Pawnee. Of course things are good to go so I simply refuel and fly again....with Bill and Dennis nearby just in case....this time the landing wasn't so bad thankfully.

 Back to the pits and refuel and run another tank of fuel through the engine to help break it in more on the flight I decide to fly it another time again after Bill and Dennis complete his flying lesson on the buddy box.

Off we go yet again with Bill and Dennis assisting nearby and guess what ? I take off and am trying to gain good altitude and turning onto the outbound leg.....the engine dies and I have to do a tight turn around and a hard, steep nose-dive back to the runway, and flare it out and grease it in.......go figure tho..... a greased landing without power, and when the engine was running I plunk it in hard....GRRRRRR!!! is OK harm and no foul.

Refuel and try it again after Bill had to depart to head back home, and the Pawnee flies like a very docile just have to carry a click of power, rather than ground speed and it lands like a feather floating down out of the sky.

I had to stop then because I figured I'd used up my daily allotment of luck for one day, and Dennis and I packed up for home.

Someday I hope to be able to do  high climbing stall, rudder-turns and lowwwwwww passes down the runway with the sprayers dusting the crops!!!......HAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BV Flying

Went to Buena Vista today to do a little flying. The wind was calm and the temp was 55 degrees! Wish there was somebody to fly with.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's some photo's from Monday night 5/14.
Thanks to Cloyce for letting me fly his Aero-Star. Enjoyed it so much I decided to buy it !!

Thank's again.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Fun-Fly

Despite the crummy conditions (cool, some wind & mud) we had quite a few show up at the field this morning. Bobby had to convince Sonny that he was really at the field and not in his workshop.
Some of the lineup of planes awaiting to be flown. My LT-40 upside down to facilitate adjusting the nose wheel. Terry's Pulse 60 on the ground and Mark Sullivan's Stick 40 in the background. There was a lot of flying during the day.
Cloyce acting as dead weight to hold down Kenny's 1/3 scale J-3 Cub. See movie of it below.

And the Cub can loop too!

And it can land too ... no less a dead stick in the final moments.

Finally Cloyce got in some flying with his Edge. I just caught a glimpse of it. An awesome gasser.

Anyway, although there wasn't any competition events, as we originally planned, a good time was had by all.

Todays scheduled fun fly on May 12th 2012


I will be heading over to the field to inspect the facility to see if it is too muddy on the roads and parking areas and the runway to hold our scheduled fun fly event this morning and will be calling Marlowe once I get there and let him know what I find as far as the current field and weather conditions there, so he can email everyone and post a notice on the club website right away. As I drove past the airport on my way to the gym last nite (Friday) for our clubs indoor gym flying event, the weather in front of the airport along Hiway 50 was what I'd describe then as barely even a misty condition, not even a drizzle, so the field may be OK.....we'll see soon and Ill call and report the findings to Marlowe soon.
Mark J. Sullivan

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photos from 4-21 & 4-22

Hello All,
Going to try to post some photo's again from a few weeks ago.
Dad is finally back from their little "vacation". Hopefully we can get out to the field soon and get in some stick time. Don't know if we'll make it this weekend or not being Mom's Day and all but I'm gonna shoot for Sunday morning.
Thanks again for your help and encouragement !!

Mark Putzer

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For sale, One .46 size profile 3D airplane/ with .80 Saito 4-cycle, no radio, $140.00, One .70 size TMP profile 3D plane no engine, $100.00 OBO Both are in excellent shape, Call Bob at 242-3710, Thanks.

Friday, May 4, 2012

To all who were out at the field last Saturday & Sunday, thanks for the help and encouragement. Hopefully soon, we'll get a weekend without so much wind.
I didn't fly much but did get a few good photos !!
Thanks Again,