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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Monday..............

I received a phone call from Mark Putzer this afternoon, asking if I would like to go flying this afternoon, and to meet him at the field at around 4:00 PM, weather permitting of course.
 The afternoon was a picture perfect calm fall day,  and upon arriving at the field I met Buzz Haviland and Dennis Sporing who were just loading up their planes to head back home. After a brief bench flying session with them I got busy and got out my Piper Pawnee crop duster to get it flying again. It had been grounded for a few months awaiting repairs on the landing gear assembly, and after completing the necessary repairs, it was time to fly it again. Dennis and Buzz both stayed around to watch me with the Pawnee, and Buzz is getting anxious to get the necessary stick time developed for his skills, so he can also fly his own Piper Pawnee that he now has.
 In the meanwhile Mark Putzer showed up with his plane and got in a couple of great flights, and what seemed to me like several dozen beautiful touch and goes and landings too. Mark sure has progressed rapidly in his flying skills, and I sure look forward to seeing him continue at the rapid pace he is on track with, and with continued success also.
Next up was the Pawnee's turn and after a very short roll-out for takeoff, and the tail is coming up wayyyy tooooo soon and the plane is desperately trying to nose itself over from excess down-thrust. I grabbed a bunch of up elevator to attempt to plant the tail back down to allow the plane to achieve more speed, but rather it simply lifted off almost ever so gently on it's own, and we were aloft.....I had a bit of a time trimming things back out, especially with the excessive down thrust condition, but managed to throttle way back so things were very manageable then. I did a few runs past the runway and laps around the pattern and then started to feel the plane out at reduced speeds and feeling it out for any stall characteristics and such, but it just would not show me any nasty habits.
 This plane banks and turns either shallow or sharply, almost by itself without use of any elevator or rudder....just simply bank it over like you want and set back and watch it turn.....flat and true.
After a few passes around the pattern, I decided I would set up for some slow and low approaches for landing, to get the feel of them with this plane again.
 A couple of low passes, and it felt good all around so it was time to shoot for a landing. That was accomplished without even trying to, as this thing just glides in on the huge wings almost without effort. A nice soft landing at a very slow speed was pleasant and enjoyable to do. Once on the ground and having to give it a bit of power to taxi again, and the nose was wanting to dig in again and the tail kept coming up. I am definitely going to re-check the down thrust angle before I do anymore flying with this plane, and get that corrected.
Mark Putzer got in several more flights with his beautifully modified trainer as well, and soon we had more company to enjoy the afternoon with, when Cloyce Mann showed up to fly his Twist. He makes it look so effortless with his inside and outside loops and rolls in all sort of manner and directions. He is a very skilled pilot in his own right.
 The sun was down behind the mountain range and dusk was fast approaching when we packed up for the afternoon to head back to the hangar. A great time was had by everyone there, and I will be flying the Piper Pawnee a lot more in the very near future again I am happy to report.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Flying

It was a beautiful day for flying and there were a few of us at the field Sunday. Mark had several planes but I only saw him fly his P-51. He made several "touch and goes" that looked picture perfect. Dennis had his Seniorita trainer and he got in several flights too. Our newest member, John Dison, had his LT-40 and he was getting a lot of stick time with Rhett on the buddy box. Kenny was out too enjoying the company of his cronies. I brought out my LT-40 and I got in a few flights. Rhett flew his beautiful Skybolt Biplane. I didn't get a chance to see it fly. Would you believe it used to hang in a barbershop?

Rhett's Skybolt ready to go home

John Dison preparing his LT-40 while Rhett & Mark assist

A good time was had by all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Flying

After spending an hour in the dentist's chair, I stopped by the field to check out what was happening to the new airport fence and see if the new gate had been installed. No new developments there.

I found Lee Stodder getting in some "stick time" with his OS 32H nitro powered helicopter. It looked good to me.

I hope to get some flying this week.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

An interesting article to say the least....

Hopefully this discovery will be done in a proper manner to preserve the historical significance of these mighty World War 2 War birds, and to restore the findings back to their proper condition before these items are lost to the past again.
I would love to see one or more of these fine aircraft up close and personal as they come out of burial, and before they are restored, just to see how they stood the test of time being buried all these so many long years. I have a hunch they may end up being in such terrible shape similar to that car that was buried 50 plus years ago in a concrete vault underground that rotted away and was unable to be restored properly due to the tremendous deterioration of it's condition.
I pray these aircraft have not met a similar fate as that show piece car did back then.

Check out the story of these airplanes here at the following link.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Some more pictures from the recent Fremont County Airport and EAA Fly-In event

The Renegades precision formation flight team performing over the airport event.

They sure do a beautiful job.

These flights are performed with much mastery and perfection.

The Renegades precision formation flying group.

Fremont Count Airport entrance.

A beautiful Hawker Sea Fury in Aussie markings.

Several people in many regional clubs displayed RC aircraft of all types during the event.

This bush plane is just downright sexy!

More of the RC Aircraft on display during the event.

A different Sea Fury flying overhead with smoke on!

Two Russian built YAK's giving a spectacular smoke and formation display!

Dennis preparing his RC Plane for a flight demonstration.

UP UP and AWAYYY...!!!

Several RC club member pilots and public enjoying the event and flying.

Mommy I want a ride in that plane!!!!!!!!!

Colorado Vertical Tours helicopter doing what they do the rides.

A great selection of all sorts of RC aircraft on display at the event.
Here are some more pictures of the Fly-In event held at the Fremont County Airport in conjunction with the local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) chapter of Fremont County. Many thanks go out to both Keith Davis of the Pikes Peak Radio Control Flyers Club of El Paso County for his submission of numerous great pictures that I was so graciously given to post here. Another big thank you also goes out to Ed Vincent of the Fremont County Radio Control Club in Fremont County for his permission to post the pictures on our web site here that he also took during the event.
If anyone else has any videos or photographs of the event and would like them posted here please contact me via email at and I will get your videos or photos added to the great ones already posted on the web site here.
Thanks again everyone for all of your contributions and volunteering with regards to this great event,

Static display of a US Military helicopter at the airport Veterans park.

Several aircraft on display during the event.

Such detail and perfection proudly displayed.

Some of the beautiful Classic Cars on display at the event.

Hawker Sea Fury.

Cessna Skylane 182 Radio Controlled scale looking airplane.

French built Fouga V-tail jet.

Russian built YAK Trainer airplane.

Renegades formation flying with smoke. Very impressive showing.

More of the RC aircraft on display during the event.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Anyone flying today ?

Anyone going flying this afternoon ? (Sat 10/6) Let me know. 369-4040
Mark P.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Meeting - October '12

Just some quick notes and comments on tonight's meeting:

This is a summary of tonight's meeting. The minutes of the meeting will appear shortly on this blog. We had a lot happen, so it will take a few days to ger out the minutes.

We are back now to meeting indoors. VP Ron Prewitt chaired the meeting.

Ron Prewitt wearing the VP hat

We had a large number of members attending (15 + 1 new member) probably because we voted on raising the dues. This change to our bylaws passed and starting in 2013, dues are will be $40/year.

Terry Davis contemplating the meeting's weighty issues

Lee Stodder (foreground) & Mark Putzer (background)
Mark appears to be overcoming a gagging sensatiion

We had a discussion on a new category of members, Associate Members. A bylaw modification will be proposed for a vote at our November meeting.

Indoor flying at Harrison School in Canon City will resume in November. Get your foamy planes and small helis ready for a good time.

Finally, we had a new member, John Dison, friend of Rhett Sharp. Welcome aboard John. I'll be adding him to our roster plus I'll add Rhett to our list of Instructors.

Newest member - John Dison