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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quad-Copter first flight attempt using my GoPro camera system

I now have an Eflite Blade 350QX Quad-Copter that is set up for a GoPro camera mounting system. I am using my GoPro Hero3 Black edition camera onboard this very stable flying bird, and it sure makes it easy to get some good shots too.
 I'll post a link to the video on here so you can enjoy watching how stable this system really is. It sure makes me look a LOT better at flying than I really am.....lololol
This was shot yesterday afternoon about 4pm or so at Pathfinder Park soccer fields west of Florence, CO. and notice the standing water on the grass in various places from all of the melted snow there.

Enjoy this video and let me know what you think about this setup too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mother Nature was not cooperating today

I was hoping to get in some more flying with my new Go Pro video camera setup using my .40 size GP UPROAR airplane but the winds were a bit unsettled and breezy when I thought about heading over to the field to attempt flying. I really enjoy this new video part of flying even though I'm not very good at the editing part of this deal by any means yet. And the flying leaves a bit to be desired yet too...hahaha!!!
I also got to thinking about the upcoming "Nitro-Chili-Burn" New Years Day flying event, so I sent out an early email reminder to everyone to get them to thinking about attending this great flying event the club puts on every year now. Remember it is a go no matter what the weather brings, so you may want to get those ski's ready just in case too. We had a huge turnout of people that showed up for this great event and everyone really enjoyed it a lot. Tell your buddies about it and let's all get together to welcome in the New Year for 2014 while having a lot of fun flying and enjoying each others great company.
Let me know when you can about attending and what you may need also. I'll be sharing my award winning "Nitro-Burn-Chili" with everyone and please feel free to bring anything you care to also.
I hope to see everyone out flying and enjoying this great fall weather we are experiencing right now too.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My new GoPro Hero3+ video camera in use.

Here is the corrected flight video with audio of a flight I took on 11-10-13 at our clubs field. I hope to get lots more videos in the near future also from several different aircraft and vantage points too.

Weekend Flying - Pulling Off A Hat Trick

In sports parlance the expression "Hat Trick" refers to doing something good three times. In hockey it means a player scoring three goals in one game. This weekend we had three good days of flying ... Friday evening indoor flying, great flying weather all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.

Our first scheduled indoor flying session was attended by five club members. Not a lot but we got some good flying in. I didn't spend a lot of time there since I was in between filling a prescription which I had to get home to my wife. But I was able to get in a very long flight on my Playmate and another flight on my Night Vapor. Bob Crawford put on a good show of 3D flying with his plane and Cloyce flew his Playmate. After I left I understand Cloyce flew a helicopter.


Saturday turned out to be a great day and the flying was well attended. Somehow there was a rash of dead-stick landings. Kenny had one with his Edge and I had two with my Big Stick. All landings had happy endings. I re-tuned my Saito 65 and no more problems. Steve Anderson had an Alpha 60 "trainer" that is a real hot rod. He had to retire from flying early since his flight battery was not fully charged.

Dennis & Kenny talking over Kenny's Edge. On the far flight-stand
is Garry's Electro Stick and in the near stand is my Big Stick 

Kenny bringing his Edge for a landing with Dennis observing.
Cloyce, Gary and Dennis also got in some flying. Sorry, no pictures.


Sunday was a good day, but when I arrived the wind had kicked up, gusting to 12 knots at times. I brought my OS 55AX powered Drastik and I got in several flights. It flew well since I repaired it from a "crash landing" this summer. It is of the Ultra Stick type of design and I'm quite pleased with its flying qualities and the performance of the 55AX.

My Drastik in the foreground and Mark Sullivan with his Uproar that sported a video camera
mounted on top of his plane. Behind Mark is Dennis' Four Star. Kenny and Dennis are next to Mark's
trailer. We all had fun fooling around with the camera system. 
The camera system plays back through Mark's Samsung smart phone via a WiFi link. Pretty neat. Although he didn't bring a plane, Kenny flew the Uproar while Mark kibitzed. As I mentioned, we did a Hat Trick!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Tribute to Bill Worthen, Sr.

Pictured is a Great Planes Big Stick 40 from the estate of Bill Worthen Sr. I took this photo yesterday at the field after I had several flights (my first on this plane) and it was a joy to fly. The Saito 65 four stroke engine although "long in the tooth" ran quite well and powered the Stick nicely. The Saito brand was certainly Bill's favorite engines. This combination of airplane and engine will make a great sport flyer addition to my hanger.

On the wing is Bill's club hat that I proudly wore to honor him.

I was the only one at the field because I arrived late in the afternoon. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and light winds. Someone, who was flying earlier Saturday, left a T-handle hex wrench on one of the flight stands. Contact me to claim your wrench.
Found hex wrench

Friday, November 1, 2013

Emergency Landing at Fremont County Airport

So the County Sheriff truck pulls up to us and orders "no planes in the air". What was happening was a drama of an aircraft unable to fully lower his landing gear and they were making preparations for a belly landing. We watched as he skidded to a stop on the runway. The pilot leaped out of his plane and ran back towards the emergency vehicles. I took a photo of the scene soon after the "landing".

The plane, looked like a Cessna, is at the far left of the picture. Emergency vehicles are at the center and left. A large flat bed trailer was brought in later and they hoisted it onto the trailer. Pretty exciting.

Friday Flying Report

There were several at the field this morning. We were thankful that the high winds which have been the norm for the past few days were now calm. Dennis flew his 4 Star, Gary and Larry brought trainers. I was going to maiden my Big Stick 40, but I discovered an aileron servo problem. Then after the wind kicked up and blew it off the flight stand and broke the wing tip its fate was sealed for today. I did try to help Larry get in some stick time on his trainer, but his engine was not running reliably and I had to dead-stick it in after a couple of laps. Maybe I'll try flying again this weekend if the wind cooperates.