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Club Bylaws

A: Name
Fremont County Radio Control Club: with no sub-name or variation used on any
official documents.
B: Location
Fremont County; one mile South of HWY 50 on HWY 67 S. Just south of the
Fremont County Airport.
A: To work together as a club to further the sport of model aviation by building,
flying, and having fun working with flying models. We will be a positive
influence in our community through and by introducing others to the sport of
Radio Control Aircraft. To support our club members through the social outlet of
R/C aircraft.
A: Qualifications
Flying member’s current AMA membership is required. Non Flying members
supporting the club through local club dues; AMA will not Be required.
B: Dues
Dues are $40.00 per year starting on January 1st of each year. Dues after June
30th will be $20.00, dues after September 30th dues will be $7.00. This is a
family membership for family members residing in the same household. Dues for
the year or any partial amount of annual dues are not refundable. Under extreme
hardship circumstances we may reconsider refunding dues, by a meeting of the
current officers.
Any member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving written
notice to the club secretary.
If any member ceases to maintain the qualification necessary for membership in
the AMA his/her club membership will be terminated subject to reinstatement
upon restoration of eligibility.
A: Officers: Elected
President, Vice-President, Secretary/ Treasurer, News Letter Editor.
B: Terms of Office
Officers will serve a 2-year term. Elections will be held at the December meeting.
Members running for office must be current with their dues and AMA.
C: Duties
The president shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at all
meetings. He/she shall be the spokesperson for the club. He/she shall appoint
standing and special committee volunteers as he/she deems necessary. The
president will not normally vote on any issue unless there is a tie. Then, only after
a discussion and a re-vote has been taken, the president may cast the deciding
vote if there continues to be a tie vote.
The vice president shall assist the president in all matters and shall assume the
duties of the president if for any reason the president is not able to perform his/her
duties. He/she shall be responsible for the club meeting schedules and other club
scheduled events which may be necessary or requested by the club officers or
Secretary / Treasurer
The secretary/treasurer shall keep accurate minutes of all regular scheduled and
called club meetings and record meeting attendance. He/she shall maintain an up-to-
date record of all members including their name, mailing address, e-mail
address, AMA membership numbers. He/she shall have charge of all club funds.
He/she shall collect dues when they are due and is authorized to pay any and all
club obligations from these funds. He/she shall keep appropriate records of all
club monetary transactions and shall provide a treasurer’s report at each club
meeting. If the vice president, for any reason, is unable to perform his/her duties,
the secretary/treasurer shall assist or take over the duties of the vice-president as
needed. The secretary is the only one allowed to reveal the gate combination to
new members after insuring that member is current with their AMA and club
News Letter Editor
To produce a news letter for the club membership. News letter shall include
the unaltered secretary/treasurer’s report. The news letter should also contain a
few articles, preferable from any happenings’ from the previous months flying.
These should be positive items. The news letter shall be emailed to the club
officers for review prior to being sent out to the membership.
Safety Coordinator
To promote increased safety awareness on the part of all members, improve the
public perception of modeling as a safe and desirable sport, and provide a means
by which important safety information can be shared between clubs. AMA
chartered clubs are required to establish the position of safety coordinator. This
person will act as a communications liaison between the club and AMA
Headquarters to ensure timely distribution of safety related material. The Safety
Coordinator should also offer a monthly report at meetings to be included in the
newsletter. He/she will continually remind us of how dangerous our sport can be
and ways to avoid common mistakes that lead to accidents.
The club safety coordinator must have email / internet access.
Field Marshal
The Field Marshal shall be responsible for establishing field equipment
maintenance crews. He/she is to ensure that the field is properly maintained and
recommend improvement and/or changes.
A: Regular Business Meetings:
Meetings will be held the first Friday of every month in the Annex building #2 at
the Fremont County airport. An official meeting will require (two) 2 officers and
3 (three) members to vote on any new changes.
B: Committee meetings:
As needed for club projects.
A: Per officer’s list of duties.
B: All records will be passed on to newly elected and appointed officers, to include,
their duties and responsibilities as well as what is expected of the position.
A: Committees will be formed as needed for special projects and club needs.
A: Nominations can be made from the meeting floor during the November Regular
business meeting.
B: Election: Voting will take place during the December business meeting in preparation
for new officers assuming their new positions in January. Elections are held in
odd numbered years.
A: The Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Fremont County Radio Control Club will run from January 1
through December 31.
B: The Newsletter
The editor will e-mail the newsletter to all members that have e-mail addresses at
least three (3) days prior to the monthly business meeting. The newsletters will
include the minutes as produced by the club Secretary, without alteration.
Mailings of the news letter will be to members that do not have email addresses
A: Proposed
Proposing an amendment to these bylaws must occur during a normal business
meeting. Under new business any member may introduce a discussion for an
amendment to these bylaws. The discussion should appear in the next newsletter
and may be voted on during the next business meeting.
A: Guests and Children
Members are responsible for the safety and behavior of their guests and children.
Safety rules dictate that no guests or children be allowed in the pit area.
The  fence by the pits is the boundary for guests and children.
Every flyer is responsible for any and all damage that he/she causes.
A: Flight Instructors
Pilots considering volunteering for flight instructor will request other instructors
to check their skills in the following:
1. Inspection for airworthiness.
2. Proper & complete preflight checks.
3. Ability to correct beginner mistakes during an actual flight with the
volunteering instructor’s aircraft.
4. For a pilot to be considered for flight instructor he/she must volunteer, be
nominated, and then carried by a simple majority vote during a regular
business meeting.
5. You may request to teach your own family member as an exception.
*See attachment 1 for requirements, expectations of training pilots.
A: Aircraft Types:
Only powered-type aircraft are allowed to fly at the Fremont County Radio Control Club
flying site. There will be no free flight or sailplane aircraft allowed at the Fremont
County Radio Control Club flying site. We have a 400 foot ceiling and can not fly
over the airport runways.
ARTICLE XIV: GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE (Flight and Safety Rules) Removed form
A: Grievance, written statement
A grievance written statement will be written and turned in to the Safety officer.
B: Investigation/Outcome First and Subsequent Violations,
1. Viewpoints of both complainant(s) and accused will be considered. Written and
verbal statements will be expected. Complainants name will be disclosed.
2. The safety officer and two (2) elected club officers will consider the written and
verbal statements.
3. Punishment if accused found in violation may range from written reprimand to
full and complete removal from the club and flying site.
4. Any outcome will be recorded in club records.
E: Time Limit
Infractions are cumulative over a two (2) year period.
F: Retaliation from a Grievance
Any member receiving a grievance who directs any retaliatory action against the
person filing the grievance will be subject to immediate expulsion from the club.
This would include threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment
damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory by the Club officers.
A: The club shall use its funds only to accomplish the objectives and purposes specified
in these Bylaws and no part of said funds shall benefit or be distributed to the
members of the club.
1. Any remaining debts owed by the club will be paid from the treasury.
2. Any open resolutions owed to the Fremont County Airport will be paid from
the treasury.
3. Any funds remaining shall be donated to a local charity to be elected by the
presiding officers of the club.
Revised 5-2011
Attachment 1
Pilot Instructor Program:
Any club member may request to be an instructor.
This is a suggested program for a committee to consider prior to accepting a volunteer as an
instructor. The committee should be comprised of at least 2 club officers and 1 non-officer.
The observations and questions the committee will consider are:
• How long has he been in the club?
• How would a group of club members that fly often view his flying and
teaching skills?
• How is his flying attitude?
• How are his people skills?
• How are his flying communication skills?
• Demonstration of an initial student explanation of preflight to starting the
• Demonstration takeoff / landing and all maneuvers expected in primary flight
• Fly a buddy box with a member of the committee as representing the student’s
first flight.
• Can the prospective instructor perform the following maneuvers?
! Takeoff straight and smooth; fly a standard left pattern maintaining level
flight; fly a horizontal circle both right and left; perform a horizontal
figure 8; fly straight and level while inverted; perform a roll and loop;
recover from a power on and power off stall; land smooth on runway.
This should all be done with a trainer type aircraft.
The above skills are listed to insure that you could recover from most any
flight attitude that a beginning student is likely to encounter.

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