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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Flying Report

I wasn't available for any flying this past weekend, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. I did get a report from Ed that he and Bill Sr. got some flying in on Sunday. No pictures. If there was more to report, please let me know. Mark and I may go out Monday, weather permitting. The weather forecast for the next few days doesn't look good.

Remember this week we have our Annual March Auction. Please plan to participate.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Heads Up – Red Tails

This week the WWII movie Red Tails is playing at the Skyline Theater in Canon City. According to Mark Sullivan it is a great movie and I plan on attending.


Show times are:

Mon Feb 20:


Tue Feb 21:


Wed Feb 22:


Thu Feb 23:



I believe the movie changes on Friday to another feature film. I hope to before it changes.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flying Report

Morning Flying on the19th of Feb. Cool sunny day mild wind about 7-12. I was out at the field about 12:30 Mark & Cloyce & Dennis were there already. Cloyce still seems to be having trouble with the Yak’s engine. Dennis had to go back home to get his transmitter. Mark flew his Stick 40 well many times. I flew the Katina having a bit of trouble getting the engine to stay running once airborne for a few minutes. We also had some trouble with Denise's engine once airborne today. Then the wind came up and the temp dropped so we all called it quits. Good day over all.

Fly Well Fly Often.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flying Report Saturday Feb. 18th

I had been monitoring the wind and temps that morning and it seemed to take forever for the wind chill to move out of the 30s. Anyway, just as I had my car packed and I was ready to go to the field, my neighbors showed up at the house for a social visit. It was good to see our friends, but needless to say, that delayed flying by one hour.

When I arrived at the field only Kenny was there and I just missed Ed & Mark. However, in short order Bobby, Cloyce, and Buzz arrived with planes and the wind was low.


Buzz brought his new LT-40 and Cloyce his recently rebuilt Yak. Cloyce wrung out the Yak after having some trim adjustments with Kenny’s assistance. After four flights with my LT-40 which including two dead stick landings, I had to leave early to get ready to attend a Marti Gras party. I should have kept flying and enjoying the good flying weather (and saved myself the $80 for the two party tickets).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb. 17th Indoor Flying

Friday night flying at Harrison gymnasium drew a nice number of fliers and some of the kids too. Lots of Champs in the air plus some helicopters. Cloyce and I had wing failures with both of our Champs, nothing that foam safe CA cannot fix. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Bob Crofford put on a good demo of 3-D flying. As usual, a good time was had by all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sky Corral RC Club Auction: February 7th, 2012.

 The Pueblo Colorado Sky Corral RC Club auction was held at the Fred Wiesbrod Aircraft Museum, at the Pueblo Municipal Airport, and was very well attended by several of the Sky Corral RC Club members.

 There were numerous aircraft offered for sale, along with numerous other RC items, such as engines, kits and accessories.

 I was the high bidder on a brand new in the box SAITO FA 1.80 engine, complete with the muffler and all the necessary tools for adjustment and operation of this large size engine.

 The owner of the engine decided to not let the engine go at that lower bid price, as the final bid had not met the owners minimum bid price.

 After the meeting and auction were completed, the owner of the SAITO 4 stroke engine contacted me, asking if I would be interested in the engine at a $30 dollar price increase from my final winning bid price, which of course I agreed to, and took possesion of that very fine engine.

SAITO FA 1.80 Four Stroke engine.

 After the monthly meeting and club auction, about a dozen or so of us headed to the Village Inn Restaurant, on the North side of Pueblo, CO., and enjoyed a great time visiting with each other.

 I had to get going, as we were wrapping up our nice nights time, since I had to work early the next morning, and needed sleep badly, due to putting in a very long shift the previous day at work, and only getting about 3-4 hours of sleep the preceeding night.

 Several of the Sky Corral club members expressed interest in coming up to the Fremont County RC annual club auction, coming up March 2nd, 2012, to participate in our club auction also.

 I will ask the Sky Corral Club secretary to send out an email in advance, to all of their members, to announce our upcoming auction, also.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

JEFCO Auction trip report from Mark J. Sullivan: February 9th 2012

Dirty Dirty Dirty!!!
Snow and Ice covered.
As I was leaving the shop here at the house, to head North to the auction in Golden, CO., on the morning of Friday February 3rd, the weather was getting worse as the time and miles passed on. Once on the road with the trailer in tow, I hit wet slushy snow on Highway 115 headed North towards Colorado Springs Co.

Once North of Colorado Springs, on I-25, I got into the worst of the road conditions of snow-packed roads and reduced visibility from the snow fall.

Traffic was for the most part, doing very well, and speeds were moderate, without a lot of people sliding into the ditches.

Snow Piled up deep!
Upon my arrival at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds facility, where the auction was being held at, the fairgrounds personnel were hard at it plowing the parking lots and sidewalks around the facility to alleviate trying to get around in the 18" of wet snow, and they did a very admirable job of it. 
Jefferson County Fairgrounds

 The registration process, along with using the new JEFCO Club catalog website, was fast and painless to say the very least. 

I had one JEFCO club member assigned exclusively to me, to help me register and get my items unloaded and placed inside the building on Friday. Carl was a tremendous asset to everyone all throughout the event.

 Once the event got underway on Saturday, the auctioneers were moving things across the block at a very rapid rate, with help from all of the volunteers and runners. 

It was a very hard read of the event, as to what was selling well and what wasn't moving at all. Except to say that Nitro burning helicopters were NOT SELLING AT ALL.

Electric planes and helicopters sold well it seems, and of all sizes too. Not just the tiny park flyer stuff. Radios and servo's did a bit better than usual but, still at give away pricing as usual.

Giant Scale and 3D-style air frames were a definite bargain too.

I was unable to get even a single opening bid of $100.00 on my quarter scale size SIG brand Piper Cub on Sunday morning, but I attributed that to an error that the auctioneer did when he started the bidding on it.....Mistakes happen I guess......darn it.

RV-4 airplane
I brought the Cub and my remote control Traxxas REVO monster truck back home, as they didn't get any offers at the pass table either.
60" wingspan Chaos Style plane
CM Pro Giles 202 

 I got 4 different planes and 2 different 4 stroke motors that I won the bids of course the obligatory bid I wasn't trying to win on a bag of miscellaneous fuel tanks and fuel items.

A very nice OS FS-70 II Surpass glow engine

SAITO .62 FS 4 stroke
Isn't that how auctions go tho? I was just simply trying to hurry up the bidding and got stuck with the items. HA!!!

The trip home was entirely uneventful as the roads were mostly all dry except for a few small patches of water/snow melting across the roads and some spray hitting the windshield was about it, in limited places.

 All in all it was a very profitable trip for me, and I met up with our club president Ed Vincent and club member Rhett Sharp at the auction, along with Rhett's beautiful yet ornery daughter....She's a sweetie....HAHAHA!!!

Right now it's time to get out to the shop, and get busy for a bit, helping Buzz Haviland with his beautifully built SIG LT-40 trainer plane with a verrrry sweeeeeet Saito .62 powerplant.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Congress acts to protect model aviation from burdensome regulation

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the first FAA Reauthorization legislation in several years, including an amendment aimed at protecting model aviation from what AMA views as burdensome federal regulations. "This is a great victory for aeromodeling," said AMA president, Bob Brown, "and much of the reason for this success is due to AMA members who sent letters of concern to Congress last year. Thanks to all of you, we've been heard and our flying privileges have been protected."