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Monday, March 26, 2012

Additional Photos

I have a few photos I'm just getting around to posting. The flying field photos were taken March 9th and 14th. The Annual Club Auction was held after the March 2nd meeting.

Mark's RV-4 after a taxi test.
Cloyce shutting down his Edge after a good flight.

Trevor & Ethan Miller with Mark at the March Auction
It was good to see the Miller boys at the auction. They are filled with questions and enthusiasm. And they brought home some items from the auction.

Buzz, Cloyce & Bill Sr. looking over the goodies at the auction

Dennis in the foreground asking about an engine

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fremont County Radio Control Club work day pictures as promised:

Grandpa had to watch them from wayyyyyy far away....everyone thought he was more nervous than they were!!!!....HA!!!

Steve coaching Alex on the use of the buddy box.
My grandson Alex and his instructor Steve Anderson using the buddy box system for Alex's very first RC flight ever.
Steve and  Alex during his taxiing training exercises.

Grandpa watching them flying.

THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!!The next generation of pilots.

Click on any of the pictures, above or below, to see them in larger detail:

Fremont County RC Club workday at the field on Saturday March 24, 2012 and the progress throughout the day.
I'd like to personally thank everyone that attended the FCRCC workday event and their tremendous efforts that they all put forth in making this day a fantastic success!!!Humbled and grateful,Mark J. Sullivan

 In no particular order the folks that attended the event were as follows:
Steve Anderson, Marlowe Cassetti, Mike Ciganek, Robert C. Crofford Sr., Bob A. Crofford Jr., Terry Davis, Buzz Haviland, Sonny Hodges, Cloyce Mann, Doug Nelson, Dennis Sporing, Mark Sullivan, Ed Vincent and Bob White along with my own grandson Alex Loya.

 I'd also like to sincerely thank every one's spouses and such for their support of our club members, because without their continued support of our members,  all would be for naught.

 I hope I haven't inadvertently left anyone out of the list, and if I have, I will sincerely apologize for the omission, as it is not intentional at all!!!

Please let me know ASAP if  I have omitted anyone mistakenly, and I will get it corrected immediately.

Sonny Hodges, Terry Davis, Dennis Sporing and several others hard at it.
Steve Anderson painting the door on the impound building.

Cloyce Mann

My Grandson Alex painting a picnic table under the awning.
Bob Crofford Sr. and Jr., Terry Davis and Buzz Haviland.

Bob Crofford Jr., Doug Nelson, Ed Vincent and Bob Crofford Sr. 

Buzz Haviland hard at it painting.

Doug Nelson, Bob White, Grandson Alex and Ed Vincent.

Sonny Hodges, Terry Davis, Mike Ciganek, Doug Nelson and Marlowe Cassetti.

Split-Rail Cedar Fencing installed and everyone busy  painting buildings.

Mike Ciganek and Steve Anderson along with Terry Davis all hard at work.

Mike Ciganek and Cloyce Mann enjoying some shade away from the scorching sun.

Sonny Hodges and Bob White catching their breath.

Dueling cameras....Sonny Hodges along with Bob Crofford Jr. and Sr. in the background.

Bob Crofford Jr. and his Father Bob Crofford Sr. painting up a storm!!!

Sunday March 25, 2012

Field workday update:

We had a TREMENDOUS turnout of  club members, friends and relatives that came out to the field on Saturday March 24, 2012 to work on whittling down some of the necessary maintenance list of items needing attention.

It started out at around 9AM when I arrived at the field and Buzz Haviland had just arrived ahead of me and was busy setting up his beautiful motor home, to be used as sort of a base of operations to supply people with a comfortable place out of the sun, and to be able to draw water from his supply tank system for use in mixing the concrete and washing up items that were used for the work day, such as brushes, rollers, shovels, and paint trays and the like.

I got busy right away starting to remove the orange snow-fence material from the T-posts at the front of the spectator area so that the newly donated split-rail cedar fencing from Bob White could be installed. I soon got sidetracked  away from that job, by helping all of the newly arriving people get organized and started on various tasks around the facility such as installing the new fencing and painting benches and tables and flight stands.

Once everyone got settled in doing a multitude of projects, I was kept busy assisting where needed, as all of the tasks were gaining momentum, and people were busy getting the needed repairs done. I was finally able to get a paint brush in hand for a good while working on painting the information kiosk at the entrance to the spectator area, along with the help from my Grandson Alex.
Alex had been working his tail off already all day long like a borrowed mule to begin with, and he just did not have the word "quit" in his vocabulary Saturday. I am so very grateful, pleased and proud of him for all of his great maturity and confidence he is starting to show, as he grows into being a fine young man. (Can anyone tell that Grandpa may be just a tiny wee-bit biased here?)

Next thing I know Saturday morning, and I realized that the place is coming together like I had so fervently hoped it would, prior to taking on this club appointment of Field Marshall.
It is really beginning to look like a well ran First Class facility again, as in the past, with all of the great improvements that everyone in the club has contributed towards, in so very many ways.

On the next page I will post tons of pictures that I was able to snap throughout the day, of the progress along the way of the Fremont County Radio Control Club's workday.

I would also like to say again to everyone involved, a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you have contributed and accomplished in such a short time, and with such pride showing.

I know for a fact I will be at the field flying and enjoying the fruits of all of our hard labor, on Sunday March 25,2012  with the good Lord willing and the creek and winds don't rise too high.
Mark J. Sullivan

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A home-run hit out of the park!!!!

Saturday March 24, 2012

 My sincere Thanks to EVERYONE in the club and especially to those who volunteered their time at the field today fixing up the facility. 

 It certainly could not have been done without everyone's input and help, by any means. 

 And as soon as I am able to get all of the great accomplishments to sink in from today's Herculean feats, I will most DEFINITELY be posting more information and TONS of pictures of the brand new look of the facility.

 Once again I am deeply Thankful to all that do so much for this great organization,

Mark J. Sullivan

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3rd 2012
Monthly Club Meeting and Annual Auction Report
By Mark J. Sullivan

At the March 3rd monthly club meeting, the annual club auction was held after a short business meeting, but it was then decided to do a swap meet format, rather than the usual auction style of proceedings, and see if that would generate more sales and interest. I brought out a couple of trainers, that I had just that day acquired, to try to see if anyone was interested in them for personal, or club member usage, along with various other building items, engines, parts, tools and vintage equipment that I've acquired along the way in my short time in this great hobby.

CLICK on any of the pictures to view in larger detail.

Close inspection....did they pass ?

The meeting and subsequent swap meet were well attended I thought,  and I sold a few small items and donated some excess items  to fellow club members in need, that I had brought with me to the sale.

Hamming it up for the camera...???....or the excitement of getting a great deal perhaps???

Members looking over items to purchase.

Discussion of various items on the sales tables.

A couple of the up and coming young members enjoying the good times.

Some club members anticipating another deal in the makings possibly?

All in all I felt that, although  the members had brought out numerous great items to sell, it was just  that there were not a lot of the members buying allot in general. But I did see several members basically all but giving away great items to each other, for all but next to nothing in price, just to help each other out with their needs, and that is what is so good about this club.

Willingness to help out a fellow modeler is what this great hobby is about in this persons opinion, and for that I am very grateful to all of the club members for everything they have done in the past, not only for me, but for everyone else involved, and they still continue to do so to this very day.

After giving careful consideration and thought, about the need for a Fremont County RC Club owned trainer and demonstration plane, I have decided to donate a mostly complete trainer setup to the club for its use, at the clubs discretion, to assist other prospective club members, or even current club members, in flying, and being able to join the club and learn how to fly. Can anyone donate some 15% Nitro Fuel please ?

Possibly an invite can be extended to the Boys and Girls Club Board Members to come out with some of the kids and possibly their parents also, to enjoy a day of flying?.....Both Boys and Girls Scouts groups?.....Civil Air Patrol Cadets?....School Clubs?.....even the possibility of inviting some of the more mobile Senior Citizens out of their nursing homes on a warm summer day to enjoy watching folks flying ???

I'm sure there are plenty more opportunities to invite folks out to the field to spectate and/or even participate with the club during our events throughout the year. Any other suggestions ???

As long as everyone in the club is willing do the necessary maintenance on this AVISTAR RC Trainer plane, I see nothing but good things coming from our helping to bring in new members to the club in the future.

The reason for this donation is attempt to pay back the club, and its members, for all it and they have  given so very willingly to me. And yet I know, I can never pay back the club, nor the club members in full. But this is a start, somehow, for me to attempt to do so.