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Membership Application

Fremont County Radio Control Club

NAME: _________________________________________________ DATE: ______________________

AMA NUMBER: ___________________________________

Mailing ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

CITY: ___________________________________STATE: _______________ ZIP: _________________

HOME PHONE: ____________________________ CELL PHONE: _____________________________

EMAIL: ______________________________________________

1. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Fremont County R/C Club (FCRCC) By‐Laws, Safety
Rules and the AMA Safety Code.
2. I agree that I am financially responsible for any damage caused by me or my models while at the
FCRCC Field.
3. I understand that violation of these rules and/or safety codes may be grounds for corrective action up
to and including termination of club membership.
4. I understand and agree that my AMA dues must be current and in effect when flying at the FCRCC
5. I understand that club dues are paid in advance with the annual membership cycle starting January 1st
of each year.
6. Only current members are allowed to fly at FCRCC Field.
7. I certify that I have read the Fremont County R/C By‐Laws found on the website. Initials_______
8. I certify that I have read the Fremont County R/C Field Rules found on website. Initials_______

SIGNATURE:_____________________________________ DATE: _________________________


Marlowe Cassetti

Fremont County R/C Club
PO Box 835
Penrose, CO 81240

This document is available on Google Docs

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