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Club Rules

Operational Rules

1. All Pilots, Spectators, and Guests must adhere to AMA Safety Rules, and
Fremont County RC club operational rules, while on Fremont County RC Club
Field Location.
2. Anyone flying either an Airplane or a Helicopter, whether it be Electric, Glo,
or Gasoline powered, will have in possession an up to date AMA card.
3. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed at the flying site.
4. Upon arrival at the flying site, all Radios, except 2.4 Gig, must be
impounded. Before any radio can be switched on for any reason, the
correct frequency pin must be obtained and clipped to said radio.
5. A one time introductory flight can be given to a prospective new member.
This flight may be performed with a buddy box, by a club flight instructor.
6. Mufflers are required on all engines.
7. New members, regardless of their experience, must demonstrate their flight
ability to a club instructor before being allowed to fly on their own.
8. When a student is being given a lesson, no one else is allowed to fly without
the students permission.
9. When starting an engine in the pit area, please be aware of the pilots and
other airplanes in your area. Keep engine revving to a minimum. If tuning a
engine and constant revving is necessary, please move the table to a safe
10. Taxiing from the pits out to the runway is permitted.
11. Taxiing from the runway into the pit area is strictly forbidden.
12. Guests are allowed to fly at the Fremont County RC field twice a year, but
only with a club member accompanying them, and of course a Current AMA

Safety Rules

  1. All flying must be in accordance with the current AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code. Please be very familiar with the AMA code in the General and Radio Control (RC) sections. Flying that is not in compliance with the AMA code is strictly prohibited. Because of our proximity to the Fremont County Airport, be especially careful to observe the AMA code A. 2. a. - d. with respect to:
a. Yield the right of way to man carrying aircraft
b. Do not fly higher than approximately 400 feet
c. Do not interfere with operations and traffic patterns at the airport
  1. The AMA Safety Code safety line (AMA Code B. 3.) shall be halfway between the pit area and the south boundary of runway. Only personnel associated with flying the model aircraft are allowed in front of the safety line.
  2. We have a history of interference on channels 11 and 55 on 72Mhz. Avoid flying on these frequencies.

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