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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Repair Report & Mystery Solved

I've had some guys ask me about my J-3 Cub which was in involved in a minor crash last year. It jumped off the runway after a short takeoff roll, and flew about 100 feet and crashed. It didn't have much airspeed and it was rather uncontrollable. Anyway, yesterday I finally got around to fixing it.

Most of the damage is to the wing hold down structure 
I started on the repair job by mixing up a small batch of 30 min. epoxy and joined the broken fuselage stringers. As I was working around the fuselage, I spotted the view below.  

No elevator control!!
The clevis had separated from the threaded control rod. There wasn't much depth of threads on lhe clevis. I think this was the reason for the loss of control. All these months I have felt bad about my poor piloting job. I feel much better now.