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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day flying at the Sky-Corral airfield

Here's a link to the video I was able to get using my quadcopter at the Sky Corral airfield last week with some of the Pueblo club members. We flew off the snow in the parking lot and had a blast that day.....Tony Brotherton called me the evening before and I ended up meeting Kiwi (Stephen Cairns) in Pueblo West for breakfast and some great bench flying before we headed over to the field where we met up with Tony and his Dad along with Mark Siemens also. We were there at least a couple of hours it seemed like and I ended up flying all 4 of my batteries I had for the quad. They all got in several flights too during the day. Check out the video even though it is somewhat hard to see the planes on the flyby's due to them blending in with the snow in the background. Enjoy!!!

New Years Day "Nitro-Chili-Burn"

As promised earlier last month.......the pictures I took of our club's 3rd annual New Years Day "Nitro-Chili-Burn" fly in event. I finally got my GoPro camera back from the warranty repair work that was done and they made sure to send my storage card back with it that I'd inadvertently left in the camera when I sent it in for the warranty work, and with this brutal cold snap we are under right now the work schedule load is all but non-existent for the present time, so that allowed me the time at home to get this report in now.

 The winds on New Years day were quite ferocious so not many pilots got the chance to get in very many flights that day, but some did. The temperature was not cold that day by itself but the winds made the day a bit chilly, but yet bearable too. I was able to get in a couple of flights using my video camera quad-copter platform on that day also, along with taking some still pictures of those folks that braved the cold and windy day to have a great time of visiting and enjoying the pot luck lunch that everyone helped with. I certainly appreciate all of the effort and hard work put in by all of the volunteers to see that this event was another great success too!

  I sure hope to see everyone out at the field enjoying some great winter-time flying in the very near future, and I have gotten in a few more flights on the snow this season now, using both my quadcopter and my .40 sized UPROAR 3d plane on ski's when the snow has been present, or on wheels when the runway has been clear.

 Once again, thanks to all of the pilots and members and the public for the great turnout for this event again this year, and let's keep up the great time of flying and enjoying this great hobby of ours.