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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flying Report Saturday June 30th

Saturday morning and finally I was ready to fly and the winds were cooperating. Pulling out of the garage with my Stick 40 packed and ready to go, my wife comes running out with the phone. The dentist will see me as soon as I can get over to his office in Canon City. A couple of hours later I make it to the field to find Dennis with his Sig Seniorita and Terry with his green biplane. They said that Ed was there earlier. It was too hot for Dennis to remain and he left and Terry's batteries needed further charging and he left too. I got in three flights, but it too was getting too hot for me too. I could have stayed since the wind was quite mild. I returned to Canon to pick up some groceries and the temp on the bank read 103. Too hot indeed.
No photos.

Friday, June 29, 2012

President's visit and the NOTAM

After looking again at the most recent NOTAM  that I found on AMA's website, and studying that section map closer, I may have been mistaken earlier by saying we were not in the outer 30 mile ring. But by the time most  people read this correction, that NOTAM time will have expired anyways. So it is still of no concern afterall.
If I caused anyone any concerns or confusion, I do apoligize for that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fremont County Fire Ban Ordinance

On Tuesday June 26th the County Commissioners enacted a Stage II fire ban for unincorporated sections of the county. It is detailed in the Ordinance No. 2012-1.

A great map of the Colorado Wildfires.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nice little get away time...

Posted on Tuesday, June 26th 2012 at 1:00 AM
By Mark J. Sullivan

I was on vacation for the past while here, and was able to get away to a great flying event held in Rapid City, South Dakota entitled "The Flying Giants 2012 HUCKFEST". 
It basically consists of a bunch of crazy pilots flying low and fast, in all sorts of aerobatic planes worth several thousands of dollars per plane for the most part....those guys can do the most amazing things with those planes and made it look way too easy while doing it.
 I went up there and got to stay with my buddy John Pondish and his great wife Fay, of the Rapid City RC PROPBUSTERS club there, and we flew some smaller planes of ours too.....not just the big boys were flying....
Everyone....and I do mean EVERYONE was so very helpful and courteous to each other the entire time there....
They held a "$1000.00 THROWDOWN" event at noon on Saturday and 9 pilots registered to win either $500.00 for first place...$300.00 for second place...and $200.00 for third place finishes respectively. Talk about HUCKIN HARD AND FLYING LOW!!!....imagine dragging a wing and horizontal stabilizer through the grass runway at full throttle....and doing it on purpose too!!!
Night Flying under the lights with a foamy and flying through the fireworks display!!!
The two foamy pilots can really fly incredibly!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip, even tho it ended wayyyy too soon, and I was able to get a few pictures with my cruddy cell phone camera, so naturally the quality is not up to the Pro's standards of picture taking of course.

It looks as if the pilot just dropped a loaded bomb!!!

I need to download the other Giant Scale plane pictures off of my cell phone yet and put them up here on the club's web blog yet.
Pictures to include are some shots of even one of my planes that went down and crashed there....My Red and White Great Planes Big Stick .40 size plane had a front wing mounting lug fail on it while I was up flying Saturday morning early and it met an untimely demise w/ total loss of the fuselage...kind of hard to fly when the wing decides it wants to depart from the plane on its own....SIGGGHHH.

Of course I was able to score a great deal from a fellow pilot up there at the event, on a CAP 232 OS glow powered plane to replace the Stick.

  1. I hope to get it ready to fly in the next day or so at the latest.
    There were several giant scale planes that went down to their early demise while HUCKING them also, including a Composite built 43% Extra 540 gasser that is totaled out...along with a lot of other sizes of planes that went down from pushing the planes and event sooooo was an awesome time.....the DJ was great....people fantastic....catered whole pig BBQ on Saturday night with all the trimmings was to absolutely die for also...The folks that hosted this event were the RC Aces Flying club along with the RC Propbusters of Rapid City, SD in conjunction with the traveling national tour of the 2012 Flying Giants Huckfest tour...Go to for more info about the event too...I'll post the other pictures as soon as I get them loaded and ready to post here....possibly Tuesday June 26th...
    Quite a bit of wind and some sprinkles of rain mixed, with very heavy clouds of dust, made for a dirty truck and trailer to get back into shape now that I made it back home...
  1. As promised.....some pictures of the Huckfest...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Fremont County R/C Flying Club – June 1, 2012

President Ed Vincent called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM at the Fremont County Airport Annex Building #2. Steve Stafford won the 50/50 drawing of $6.00.

Minutes from the May 2012 meeting, as they appeared on the Club’s web site, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance forward from May meeting = $811.27

$7.00 50/50 raffle

Total Income = $7.00

$100.00 transfer to new field fund
$24.82 Mark Sullivan repair benches
$17.16 windsock material
$25.00 DiRitos gift Certificate

Total Outlays = $166.98

Ending balance =  $651.29 cash + checking

                                $600.00 savings      
The treasurer's report  was approved as submitted.

Safety Issues: None reported

Old Business:

Award to Joan – The club received a thank you note from Joan Worthen. She thanked us for awarding her a gift certificate to DiRitos Italian Restaurant. She has contributed her sewing skills to the club for many, many years.

Our Own Field – There was a continued discussion of acquiring land for a new flying field.

Request to assist Justin Brown – Ed will phone his family concerning Justin’s situation.

Boys & Girls Club – Ed will phone Sadie at the B&G Club to arrange a training session with them.

New Business:


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Marlowe D. Cassetti, Secretary/Treasurer

p.s. I was unable to attend this meeting and I am most appreciative of Mark Sullivan for taking notes at the meeting.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Fly Fly-In

Mark Putzer presents Cloyce Mann with a beautiful, framed photo of Cloyce's Yak 54 plane in flight. Mark did an incredible professional job on both the photo and the custom made frame. Good job Mark. He also awarded Mark Sullivan with a framed photo of his Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee.

Note Cloyce is hiding his cast behind his back as a sheepish acknowledgement of  his total screw-up accident.

And now for today's report on our public Fly-In

The report can be summarized in one word .. WIND! It blew 25 to 30 mph all morning and into the afternoon. Some of the public showed up but most realized that the wind was way too strong. A van from the Fremont County Boys & Girls Club came and we were able to show them around, but no flying demonstrations. The B&G Club will come again at some future time and try their hand at buddy box flying. They showed strong interest.

Part of the crew waiting for the WIND to die down

We had a good showing from our club. Most brought models but kept them protected in their vehicles. Ed had his low wing trainer (I think a Tiger) blown off the flight stand and it was damaged.

Mark Putzer at the controls
 Mark Putzer brought out a glow powered "Stadium Car" that was the only performer for the day. He made an impressive run up and down the runway and then off in the rough stuff. He had to retire it for the day after a bad bounce messed up his front suspension.
Retrieving the beast
Jess's Best Grill from Florence brought out lunch orders for nine members that were consumed in quick order. That capped off a non-flying day. We did enjoy a good day of camaraderie (getting together with friends with a common interest).

Friday, June 8, 2012

AMA TODAY June 2012

For some interesting articles and latest news from AMA, go to AMA TODAY be clicking on this link

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday morning flying.....and random thoughts

I got to the field around 9 AM Monday, June 4th, 2012 and gave Ed Vincent and Mark Putzer both phone calls due to the beautiful weather and flying conditions at the field.
 I proceeded to get my newly reconstructed and repaired Piper Pawnee prepped for flying with Bill Worthen's great help. Bill showed up moments after I arrived to fly his Escapade before having to leave to head back home. 

 Ed arrived just as Bill was leaving, and got his little .40 sized pylon plane ready to run, while i was running a tank of fuel through my Saito .82 engine on the Pawnee. As the fuel was burning away in the tank I noticed the engine tune was gradually changing....and soon discovered why....the new firewall on the front of the motor box, the epoxy glue joint has already come loose and the glue failed while the engine was running on the flight stand table.

I shut it down and discontinued any further flying with the Pawnee, and decided I would see how the newly repaired tail-wheel setup on the Hangar9 P-51 D airplane was going to work out, and set it up to fly.

 In the meantime Mark Putzer arrived and was busy getting his new trainer plane set up for his training session with Ed Vincent.

 I took off flying the Mustang and Ed and Mark were also flying the trainer, after letting me know they were going to fly also. Of course I gave them a big berth of space for them to fly, and shortly afterwards decided I would land so they can fly the trainer.

 I got in a couple more flights on the Mustang while Mark and Ed got in more flying for Mark's flight instruction training.

 Stiff breezes came up around 11 AM or so and everyone packed up and headed back to the hangar around Noon or so.

 All in all not a bad morning of good enjoyable flying.

 I told Mark I would post some of the pictures I was able to get of them flying his trainer on here. He is coming along in his training very well, and seems to be a very competent student-pilot.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Flying

I'm sorry that I missed flying on Saturday, but Sunday turned out to be a great day. Flying that day was Mark, Terry, Dennis and myself. Kenny showed up later but didn't fly.

I had the opportunity to test out my Great Planes Big Stick 40 I acquired from Cloyce this weekend. For the past many years I have had a Stick in my hanger and this plane fills my need. It is a great flyer and I am super pleased with the OS 55 AX power plant.  I cannot believe that this two stroke will reliably idle under 2,000 RPM. I got in three long flights today.

 Terry flew his unknown green biplane. He flew it very well and despite its size he was able to transport in the backseat of his car.

 Mark test flew his trainer he donated to the club. It appeared to be a good plane with a good engine. See the previous post from Mark for more details.

The temps got up there by the afternoon ... maybe high 80s to mid 90s. Bugs got a bit bad, but repellant kept them away.

A good time was had by all.

Club Trainer Plane now set up and available for use......

We now have at the club's disposal, a HOBBICO AVI-STAR trainer plane stored in the club's impound building. It is on Channel 50 using a Futaba Conquest Transmitter that is available to be hooked up to the clubs buddy box trainer box.
 If anyone has any pieces/parts available for donation to the club for use, such as fuel and a starter and igniter, please leave those in the impound building with the rest of the plane items.
 Also, this plane has a NiCad battery on board the plane and also in the transmitter, and I have also donated a wall plug style charger for them.
 I will be bringing out an older used flight box and a hand pump to fuel up the tank, but this setup will need a couple other small items to be donated for club member's use.
 Feel free to check it all out, and take it out and fly it anytime, either with or without a student using it.
 I donated it to the club, for everyone to enjoy and use, and to train student pilots, so please enjoy and use it anytime.

Mark J. Sullivan

New Wings presented...

Fremont County Radio Control Club President Ed Vincent presents his wings to newly soloed Pilot Dennis Sporing at the Friday, June 1st, 2012 Club meeting. Dennis has been doing a great job of building and flying ever since he has came on board as a club member, and is progressing very nicely,in a fast fashion, in acquiring the necessary skills to solo his aircraft with skill.

Club President Ed Vincent presents Pilot Dennis Sporing his new Flight Wings .