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Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Day Nitro-Chili-Burn fun fly event update

Just a quick reminder to everyone that we are still on for the New Years Day fun fly event.
Starts at 10-10:30 AM MST at the Fremont County Radio Control Club flying field no matter the weather. Cold, wind, snow, rain or sunshine this event is a go!!!
Bring yourself and family members and all your friends. Everyone is welcome to join us in this fun filled annual club event. We've had a tremendous turnout of flyers and spectators during the past events and this year promises to be more of the same with even more surprises in store for everyone's enjoyment. There will once again be a shared pot of chili for everyone to enjoy and to ward off the weather along with shared pot luck dishes brought by the good folks attending this event. I will be supplying the propane heaters and wind breaks in case of cool temperatures so that everyone can enjoy the festivities throughout the day during this fun fly event.
 I have heard from several members of other RC clubs in the region and expect a large turnout of support from these clubs in our region again this year also enjoying themselves flying and having a great time welcoming in the new year with us.
 If you would like to bring a dish to share with everyone that would be greatly appreciated or even some sort of other liquid refreshments to go along with the food to share with friends and family.
 The weather forecast is looking for temps nearing the 40's in the long range forecasts I've been reading and seeing and low winds too, so it looks like a great day to go flying!!!
I look forward to seeing everyone at the field this coming New Years Day and I'm gathering everything up to make it another memorable fun fly event again.
 Happy New Years to everyone from the Fremont County Radio Control Club!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flying today...........12-21-2014

I arrived at the field around 9:30 AM or so to notice that the wind sock was barely moving at times and other times it was moving slightly, but the air had a slight chill to it but I started unloading my UPROAR airplane and got busy prepping it to fly..........I ended up having some fuel needle jet clogging issues with my engine and while working to solve the problem our fellow club member Dennis Sporing arrived and came up with the proper diagnosis to solve my fueling issues......Thank you again the time I got things going the winds had started to pick up more as the cold front started blowing in to the region, but I got in a couple of decent flights including some very slow hovering into the wind type of flying real low to the runway.......that was quite a rush doing that down low to the ground like I was doing but it sure was a lot of fun too!!!
The wind really started getting blustery and bumpy upstairs while flying and trying to hover and land while having almost no forward ground speed kept things interesting to say the least.....once I decided to actually land and stay down it was time to get in out of the wind gusts so Dennis and I went into the impound building for comfort from the gusty winds. He found a pair of someone's glasses that had been left behind at the field earlier in the week and they're locked up inside the impound building for whoever left them behind to claim.
 I'd like to take this time to remind everyone of our clubs upcoming Nitro-Chili-Burn fun fly event that will be held on New Years Day of 2015, the same as we've been doing the past few years now, so dont forget to bring a plane and your appetite since we will be sharing a pot luck meal with everyone in attendance that morning starting around 10 - 10:30 AM MST on New Years Day.
 Don't forget to bring your camera as there will be several things going on during this fun fly and hopefully another new surprise coming up that morning for everyone's enjoyment also.......
 Dont forget to renew your annual club dues and yearly AMA membership if you haven't done so already. Marlowe has said he will be bringing the necessary items with him to renew anyone's membership dues during the fun fly event also, or to start any new members membership that day also for everyone's convenience.
 I'll be changing the gate combo soon after the New Year and you can get the new combo from Marlowe that day also.
I hope that everyone is having a terrific time this joyous holiday season and I look forward to seeing everyone at the club field on New Years Day, along with their friends and families too.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Test Flying on Tuesday

Well I had a lot of things going on Tuesday including going into Canon City for some necessary shopping. However just before I left home I checked airport weather and it showed calm winds. So I tossed a plane into my car and headed to Canon City with an intermediate stop at our flying field. It was late in the day, but I thought there was enough time for a couple of flights before the sun set in the West. Within a minute of arriving at the field (I was alone there) I installed the LiPo battery in my Spitfire and set off for the first flight. The wind was slight and from the East. I switched on 3 axis stabilization and proceeded the takeoff roll. As it picked up speed it was straight arrow down the runway. The first left hand turn required both rudder and aileron to overcome the stabilization. No problem. After a few minutes of flying I switched off the gyros and realized it needed a few clicks of down elevator and a lot of clicks of left ailerons. It loops and rolls quite well and although it doesn't have unlimited vertical its power is okay. Again switching on stability I brought it into a landing approach. After rolling out onto final the gyros were locked in right down the runway and I controlled the rate of decent via the throttle. My mouth dropped open as the Spitfire made a picture perfect landing. It looked as if it were on an invisible wire. Before it came to a full stop I gunned it and pulled another takeoff. I wanted to see if I could repeat another "perfect" landing. Sure enough, with stability still turned on, it was another two great landings. However on the last landing I didn't bleed off enough speed before I turned to the right and partially collapsed and bent the right landing gear. I couldn't fly again until I bent the gear back.

Just then my cell phone rang and my wife just had to give the good news about her medical tests. So we chatted for a while until I had to explain that I was at the field and the daylight was beginning to fail. After the call ended I hurriedly got out the needle nose pliers and started bending the gear back when all of a sudden the Spit squirted out of my grip and dropped upside down on the ground, damaging the rudder hinges. That ended flying for Tuesday.

Spitfire from Hobby King
Note the separation of the rudder from the fin, caused by dropping it on the ground
Speaking of Spitfire we saw a full scale replica being constructed at the Aircraft Museum in Pueblo. It is quite an undertaking. See photo below.

Anyway, with a successful test flight,  I'm contemplating utilizing 3 axis stability on a larger nitro powered plane in my inventory. So many pilots of high dollar investment (jets & warbirds) planes are turning to 3 axis stability. I can understand why.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday, Another Great Day

A cool. blustery morning turned out to be a nice flying day. Plus we had a great turnout; lots of pilots and planes. All our flight stands were filled up. See photo below.
Flight Stands as far as you can see

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Great Day to be Flying

I have been doing a lot of R/C flying lately. Tuesday I was in Pueblo for various reasons and I had two planes with me. I was the only one there at the Sky Corral field and I was a kid in the candy store. I flew the heck out of Das Ugly Stik and the HK Spitfire (which I later brought to the Sky Corral meeting for Show and Tell). Then yesterday I got brave and flew Das Ugly next to my home and got in several flights. I flew combat with a hawk who thought Das Ugly was encroaching on his territory.

Today I arrived at our FCRCC field with my OS 55AX powered Stinger II. It is a really great sport flyer and a bit of a hot rod. After a couple of flights Kenny showed up with his Corsair, a great looking plane on the ground and in the air. See pix below.

Kenny  taxiing out his Corsair
I had the opportunity to use the new flight stand recently built by Bobby Bellino. It is a real luxury to use with all its space and newness. Great job Bobby.

My Stinger II on the new flight stand
After a while Larry and Garry showed up with planes. Larry got in some quality buddy box time in assisted by Kenny. Garry demonstrated some smooth landings that he has been perfecting. I left after my 5th flight of the day when the 55AX started running sour.

From the left Garry, Kenny, Larry, and Larry's CG Falcon II 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Eve Flying

What a gorgeous day to go flying. Calm winds, mild temps and great group of guys for company. When I arrived at the field I was greeted by a great demonstration of "almost" solo flying by our latest trainee Larry Shivers. He flew a few more times that day and he got in some quality stick time. Way to go Larry. He switched to a better trainer from the Alpha he had been flying. Much more controllable and thus a better trainer.

Larry Shivers and his "better" trainer

Ed Vincent had his large Spitfire out plus his Tiger II. He twice ran the tank dry on his Tiger, but gave a good demonstration of how to do dead stick landings. He didn't fly his Spit today due to a malfunctioning fuel dot.

Kenny brought out his Moki powered Edge and put it through its paces. I thought for a while he wasn't going to get it into the air today because of starter problems.
Kenny holding his Edge up while checking the fuel draw. Ed is working the throttle.
Gary Iovinella had a high wing sport plane and he practiced greasing in the landings .... except one rather bouncy landing, like a rodeo performance. Gary got a kick out of having three planes in the air at once. Gary, Ed and me. Ed's engine quit and Gary quickly called out "dead stick" and he and I got our planes out of Ed's way. Way to go Gary. Arlyn Robbins and his son brought out Arlyn's J-3 Cub. I left before they gave it a flight.

Kenny readying his Edge. In the foreground is my "Das Ugly Stik"
I brought out two planes, the Ugly Stik (pictured above) plus a Hobby King Spitfire, both electric powered. It was the maiden flight for the Spitfire and was quite pleased with its handling and performance. I have a bit of work to adjust the control throws. I switched on the stabilization (built into the Orange receiver) and it flew great especially when hit by gusts. I have to turn down the rudder gain but overall it did a great stabilization job. My flights on the Stik were routine and although I have about 8 flights with it I am amazed with how it performs due to its light wing loading and powerful motor. One flight lasted 16 minutes including three touch and go's. Hobby King's Das Ugly Stik is from Durafly and is one of their Retro Series.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow I plan to maiden my 55AX powered Stinger II. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Unbelievable Video

Here is a video that cannot be believed ... do not try this at home!!! Click on the link below and enjoy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Newsletter and new members

Howdy Everyone,
I need some help with your stories and submissions for the monthly newsletter I am sending out each month. It is a struggle to put out a newsletter when I am not able to be at the club events and such very often due to my work schedule and travels. Thanks for everyone's assistance in this matter.
I have spoken to several prospective new club members about joining our club in the past recent months and have handed out several of the club business cards also and for that I am very grateful for the opportunity to welcome new members to our great club. I hope they decide to join us for all the fun and events that we all enjoy as members. I'd also like to welcome the new members that have already recently just joined us too.

FCRCC Newsletter Editor

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fremont County Airport Event

Our club has been invited to have a static display at this event. Please feel free to bring a plane if you're interested. Also check with Mark Sullivan to see if he is bringing his trailer and maybe he might be able to have room for your plane in his trailer. See you there.

 I'll be at work this weekend and unable to attend this airshow. If anyone needs to use my trailer to get the canopy shade, tables, chairs or planes stored in there you are most welcome to come pull it to the airport for the club useage. Just give me a call anytime to set this up. Can someone please get a lot of photos of the days activities for the club newsletter and email them to me ASAP after the airshow as that would be a tremendous help also. Also let Jim Aultman know right away because he needs a lot of help at the airport during this show too.

Thanks in advance,
Mark J. Sullivan

Monday, July 21, 2014

July Fun-Fly

Everyone was assembled and ready for the 9:00 AM start but it was too windy. Reports from the automated airport weather station showed 22 knots gusting to 26 knots (remember to multiply by 1.15 to compute mph). Cloyce did fly his DA powered Edge and put on a great flying exhibition. I got out my Big Stick 40 and got in a flight with two touch and goes.

Cloyce taxing out his Edge

Since it turned out to be a blustery and windy day, we delayed the touch and go competition until more favorable winds prevailed later in the morning. Bobby put in a great demo of six T&G, Cloyce came in second with 2. I crashed on my first touch and Buzz won first in the electric class.
Just a few of the attendees watching the flying
The club's charity donation bucket was passed around and $8.00 was collected. Sorry I got it out late and didn't catch everyone before they left. There will be other opportunities to contribute to our designated charities.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching Up

A lot has been going on and I need to catch up on the Club's Blog.

First is our Buddy Box Session with the Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County which we had on Friday June 20th.
Trainer Ed Vincent briefing the boys & girls on the operation of R/C aircraft
Some of the kids really took to R/C flying and some had a bit of difficulty. However, a good time was had by all.

Next the Salida Airport 50th Anniversary Fly-In that was held on June 28th. A great line-up of full size aircraft were on display. Mark Sullivan and I were on hand with R/C models. The winds were too blustery for me to fly, but Mark put on some demonstrations with his quadcopter. Chris, a flyer from Salida, put on great flights with his electric acrobatic planes. He also had a large octocopter on display. 

Mark Sullivan at the FCRCC table chatting with some of the attendees
Here are more photos of the planes

A small sampling of the many planes on the flight line 
A rare 1930's era vintage Curtis P-36 
The star of the show, a P-51 Mustang

Raffle ticket information

We discussed a raffle pertaining to getting a ride in a P-51 Mustang and I found the link I had for it to post to the club site for everyone's information:

Click on that link or copy it to your browser and see the contained information.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Balloon Festival Publicity

The Balloon folks had a great promo for our club in their on-line program.

click    HERE     and see for yourself

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Salida Airport Fun Fly Event

I recieved an email from Steve Bush who is the airport manager up in Salida, CO. informing us of their upcoming 50th anniversary Fly-In event being held on  Saturday June 28th, 2014. We participated with them last year at this time with a static display of RC aircraft and some RC flight demonstrations also. Steve has given us ample notice this year that they would appreciate our support by returning again this year to help them celebrate their milestone anniversary.
 I sent out an email awhile back letting our Fremont County Radio Control Club members know about them asking for our support again and I also sent the invitation out to the Pueblo Sky Corral RC Club members along with the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Flyers Club to inform them of the celebration also and I have recieved several inquiries back in regards to some of them wanting to do some flying demonstrations and static displays too. I haven't heard back from too many of our own club members regarding attending this event yet, so please let me know at your earliest convenience one way or the other about attending and participating.
 We will set up a booth again to pass out cards and club information and answer the publics questions about this great hobby of ours that we enjoy so much, and hopefully gain some new RC flying participants or club members possibly.
 There will be overnight dry camping available and the restrooms will remain available for use overnight at the airport terminal building, if anyone decides to camp there for this event.
 I look forward to hearing back from the club members very soon regarding our club's support of this event.
Come on up to Salida and enjoy viewing all of the Fly-In planes such as warbirds, experimentals, jets, helicopters and also general aviation aircraft also.
 Don't forget your camera to capture the spectacular scenery that abounds and surrounds the airport, along with the car show and planes that will be attending this event.

 Thanks for your support,


Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't Forget to Pay Your Dues

Dear Fremont R/C Club member,

Well we are almost ½ way through the year and we have the summer flying season ahead of us. We have many exciting events still to be enjoyed.

The reason for this letter is to remind you that your 2014 dues are overdue. Please pay at your earliest convenience. The dues for 2014 are still $40.00 for a full flying membership and $24.00 for an associate/non-flying membership.

To pay your dues please mail your check, made out to Fremont R/C Club:

Fremont R/C Club
PO Box 835
Penrose, CO 81240

You may also come to our next meeting this Friday June 6th and pay in person.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Marlowe D. Cassetti

FCRCC – Secretary/Treasurer

Thursday, May 29, 2014

50th Anniversary for the Salida airport

I recieved an email today from Steve Bush who is the airport manager at the Salida airport asking for our support of this years 50th anniversary festivities at the Salida airport outside of Salida CO.
I sent the club members an email regarding this event and I hope to hear back from everyone soon as to their availability to help with this event up there. I also sent this same email out to the Pueblo and Colorado Springs clubs to see if we can garner a lot of interest and help. Please check out your emails for the time and date and get back to me ASAP about it too...


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Balloon Festival

Our club participated in the Canon City Balloon Classic that was held Memorial Weekend. We had a booth that was operational almost all the daylight hours. Plus we gave R/C flying demonstrations Saturday and Sunday mornings. See photos below:

Terry watching while Ed flies his Cub
Looking West this was our runway, we flew to the North

View looking East
Steve Stafford is in the background to right

Looking north shows the plowed field where we confined our flying
I caught a piece of Ed's Cub's tail in the picture
Mark Sullivan gave demonstrations of his quad-chopper including a forced landing in the plowed field. It reminds one that with electrics you have to be mindful of draining the battery.

Now that we have experience with this event we can put on a better show next year, assuming they invite us back.

From The President:

The first annual Canon City Balloon Classic had a few minor mishaps. First was rain during a weekend that seldom if ever brings us rain. Second was the fact that the club voted to participate in the event yet just Ed Vincent, Ken Conway, Steve Safford, Mark Sullivan, Marlowe Cassetti, showed up to talk with the public and support the event. Third was a bit too much breeze for the balloons to launch. 

There was a good crowed early for the potential launch’s there were 6 balloons. I would estimate about 600 to 800 people. Most left by 8 to 8:30 then about 9:30 there was a second run of spectators meandering through. We gave away gliders from Estes to kids. Then Sat. about 11 we packed our stuff away and Ken, Steve and I left for the field to fly.
Sunday was about the same except there was more mud than on Sat. The early crowd may have been a little lighter but not much. We then packed up about 10, Steve stayed at the event a bit longer and Ken and I went out to the field for Ken to get additional flight time. 

Over all it was a good time for those that showed up to participate in the event.
Ed Vincent 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Terry's Plane Rack


Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Fun-Fly

We had a good turnout for the Saturday event ... except we didn't have any competition. We had a lot of planes, flyers and training sessions. See the pictures below.
Ed Vincent and Ken Conway doing some training.
Ken was in control most of the time and was doing a good job at that.

Steve Stafford and Gary in the pit area getting a model ready
Another positive we collected $15 for our charity fund by passing the hat around. We forgot it on our last funfly. This will help offset our club's charitable contribution.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Safety Lesson

Lesson learned!!! 

Last Sunday and I was enjoying a nice day of flying. Ed Vincent got after me for reaching over the running engine to remove the glow igniter. He said that made him nervous. On the next flight I got the Saito 65 started and tried to move the starter wires out of the way and my hand got too close to the spinning prop. The photo below shows the results after 17 stitches administered at the hospital emergency room.

Result of carelessness around a spinning prop
The tendon in my right hand index finger was nicked and the doctor had to repair it. Now I have very little strength in my right hand due to this injury. And my wife is really pissed at me. She suggested that I staple the hospital wrist bands to my flight box to remind me of my stupidity and carelessness. That I did the following day.

I was fortunate that there were several club members at the field to help, especially Mark Sullivan who had emergency responder experience. He arranged a pad of paper towels to help stop the blood flow and then drove me to St. Thomas More's emergency room and spent the next three hours waiting with me. I also thank the guys at the field who put away all of Mark's and my flying stuff. Later we were able to retrieve it and get it home at the end of the ordeal.

Monday I returned to the ER because there was further bleeding through the dressing, and on Tuesday I saw  Dr. Carlson, the hand surgeon. I described the APC 11 x 7 propeller as having very sharp tips, almost like scalpel blades turning at 4,000 RPM. I am fortunate that more damage wasn't done.

Lesson learned!!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

GoPro flight using my Great Planes UPROAR rc plane on 04-18-2014.

Click this link, or copy and paste into your browser's window to see the video of today's flight I posted onto YouTube this evening....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Fun-Fly of the 2014 Season

We had a blustery start to our first fun-fly flying of the new season. The competition was how many loops in a 30 second time limit. The strong wind at times made consecutive loops difficult to maintain.

There were five contestants (shown below) and two judges, Steve Stafford loop counter and Ken Conway timer. The results were:

Ed Vincent             9 1/4 loops First Place
Cloyce Mann         8 3/4 loops Second Place
Dennis Sporing      8 loops Third Place
Marlowe Cassetti   7 1/8 loops
Steve Anderson      4 1/4 loops

Cloyce getting started to compete
Steve and Ken judging the event

Terry next to his Paramount watching Dennis preparing his Twist
in the background left Steve and Ed troubleshoot Steve's Tiger 60
In the background right is Buzz working on his plane

The flight line with Steve's Tiger 60 on the left

Terry working on his Paramount while Buzz watches

A good time was had by all. It was great to have so many participants. There were several flyers that flew but didn't compete. Mark Sullivan and his grandson stopped by the field on their was to a baseball game. Terry Davis brought his Paramount that he won a few years ago in a club drawing. He had some difficulty with it and didn't fly. Not in the pictures are my Uproar and Big Stick 40. I flew the Uproar but switched to the Stick for the competition. As the wind was picking up many of us packed up early.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Saturday Flying April 5th

From the meeting the evening before, we scheduled a Saturday workday. I had conflict and didn't arrive until around 11:00 AM. Ed was spraying weeds and Steve Stafford was doing touch-up painting on the impound building. After spraying, Ed had some buddy box flying with both Ken and Steve. Terry and Kenny were also there but I didn't see them flying. Arlyn Robbins brought his T-28 but it was forced down with some damage. Mike Ciganek was there to lend his support for the workday.

Steve Stafford getting some "buddy box" refreshing from Ed

Terry, Kenny and Ken posing behind Ed's Funwagon
I brought my Drastik and micro Spitfire IX. The Drastik had the landing gear collapse on takeoff, so repairs are now in order. I flew several flights with the Spitfire and I think I impressed the guys with how well it flew. With a lot of help from the AS3X (Automatic Stabilization 3 Axis) technology which keeps the plane's attitude locked on. Makes it much easier to fly this very small plane (16" wingspan) especially if there is any wind.
FlyZone micro Spitfire IX after the crash
note elevator frozen in full down!

Unfortunately on the last flight the electronics malfunctioned and it came straight down. No apparent damage to the plane but the elevator servo failed in the hard down position. So far I think I will have to replace the electronics which is an all in one unit that has the receiver, AS3X built in, rudder & elevator servos, and speed controller. It costs as much as the entire BNF airplane which is now discontinued. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

here it is

Terry Davis' PT 17 Flight

It's Friday March 21 2014 it's a little cool out side and the wind is out of the East blowing at 10 to 15 mph all morning. I loaded up the Pt 17 military biplane from Great planes and headed to the clubs flying feild.  I wanted to fly it to see if the tailpipe would losen up when the OS 1.20 4 stroke motor got hot. Dennis showed up right after I got there. So we fired it up and warmed it up all looks good so far so it went for a test flight. The 16x6 apc prop got it off the ground faster than I wanted but I was ready for anything. the new Futaba 2.4 radio (6EX )  is nice it didn't take much to trim it out and the flight lasted a little more than 5 or 6 min. I have a video of it and I'm trying to download it  the camera is bolted on the bill of my cap if I get it to download I post it for now it is on my facebook page

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day flying at the Sky-Corral airfield

Here's a link to the video I was able to get using my quadcopter at the Sky Corral airfield last week with some of the Pueblo club members. We flew off the snow in the parking lot and had a blast that day.....Tony Brotherton called me the evening before and I ended up meeting Kiwi (Stephen Cairns) in Pueblo West for breakfast and some great bench flying before we headed over to the field where we met up with Tony and his Dad along with Mark Siemens also. We were there at least a couple of hours it seemed like and I ended up flying all 4 of my batteries I had for the quad. They all got in several flights too during the day. Check out the video even though it is somewhat hard to see the planes on the flyby's due to them blending in with the snow in the background. Enjoy!!!

New Years Day "Nitro-Chili-Burn"

As promised earlier last month.......the pictures I took of our club's 3rd annual New Years Day "Nitro-Chili-Burn" fly in event. I finally got my GoPro camera back from the warranty repair work that was done and they made sure to send my storage card back with it that I'd inadvertently left in the camera when I sent it in for the warranty work, and with this brutal cold snap we are under right now the work schedule load is all but non-existent for the present time, so that allowed me the time at home to get this report in now.

 The winds on New Years day were quite ferocious so not many pilots got the chance to get in very many flights that day, but some did. The temperature was not cold that day by itself but the winds made the day a bit chilly, but yet bearable too. I was able to get in a couple of flights using my video camera quad-copter platform on that day also, along with taking some still pictures of those folks that braved the cold and windy day to have a great time of visiting and enjoying the pot luck lunch that everyone helped with. I certainly appreciate all of the effort and hard work put in by all of the volunteers to see that this event was another great success too!

  I sure hope to see everyone out at the field enjoying some great winter-time flying in the very near future, and I have gotten in a few more flights on the snow this season now, using both my quadcopter and my .40 sized UPROAR 3d plane on ski's when the snow has been present, or on wheels when the runway has been clear.

 Once again, thanks to all of the pilots and members and the public for the great turnout for this event again this year, and let's keep up the great time of flying and enjoying this great hobby of ours.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Items for sale

I am offering 8 various RC Planes and some other various gas and nitro engines for sale to my fellow RC Pilots to choose from. I'll post a couple of pictures of some of the items here, but please feel free to contact me for more information on the rest of the items also. Thanks for looking.

These are just a few of the items I have available for sale......more planes, engines, flight boxes and such are available yet still

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Day Fun Fly Photos

This is to add to Mark Sullivan's post with some photos. And here they are:

Mark Sullivan demonstrating Auto-Land on his quad chopper

Just a few of the attendees for this event

Mark Seimen & Max McCartney from Pueblo Sky Corral Club

Max's Roadrunner taking off in a strong wind

Mark Seimen with his 12' Telemaster
Kiwi holding it down with Kenny and Dennis observing

The Telemaster braves the high & gusty wind

Another pass
I wasn't able to photograph all the flying. I missed Mark Seimen flying a variety of planes including a tiny F-86 ducted fan jet. And he took it off from our not too smooth runway and in the high wind too!!! I also should have taken pictures of our great food spread. We had some good eats that were provided by many.