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March 2017 Minutes

Minutes of the Fremont R/C Flying Club
March 3, 2017 Meeting

Vice President Dave Green called the meeting to order at 7:040 PM. The 50/50 drawing for $8.50 was won by Rhett Sharp. There were 16 members in attendance which included two new members.

Treasurer’s Report March 3, 2017:

Checking & cash balance from Dec meeting = $672.64


$120.00 memberships
                        $10.00 State registration

Total                 $110.00
Ending balance = $783.64   ($782.64 checking)  

                        $1,517.57 savings*                               

*Includes $200.00 for flight stand covers
Respectfully submitted,

Marlowe D. Cassetti, Secretary/Treasurer

The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Old Business:

Change of Leadership – Sonny Hodges nominated Kenny McMullen to fill the vacant President position. Kenny reluctantly accepted the nomination. He was unanimously approved.

New Business

Cal Chloride Runway Treatment – Marlowe has a contact for someone who can treat our runway with Cal Chloride. It will reduce the formation of windblown dust. However the county frequently treats dirt roads it is suggested that we go through the airport to see if the county would treat our runway. Cloyce Mann volunteered to contact the airport.

Changing the Gate Combination – Due to no meetings in the months of January and February there were very few membership renewals. A lot of 2017 memberships were renewed at this meeting.  However the gate combination will be changed at the end of the month and all paid members will be sent the new lock combo.

Fun Fly Schedule for 2017 - Sonny suggested a series of Fun Fly specific events and dates. The ensuing discussion indicated little enthusiasm for setting the events. Cloyce suggested that we reserve the Saturday of the week following our meeting for an unspecified fun fly to be determined by those flyers who show up at the field.

Ken Conway – We had a discussion on his health issues. We were in the dark on how he is doing. Marlowe took the action to contact Ken and also to send him a get well card. We had the group photo (see above) to include in the get well card. [Note I cover his status in the Newsletter]

New Members – Bob and ReneĆ© Bergin from Penrose, CO were introduced. They found an advertisement for a RC trainer on Craig’s List that was listed by Ed Vincent. They bought it and picked it up from Ryan Vincent, who told them about our club meeting. Bob and maybe ReneĆ© will be starting flight training.

Update to Club Roster – Several of our members have updated their roster information. Rhett Sharp was an instructor and the updated roster includes him as an instructor. Please review the roster and please send updates/corrections to the club secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlowe D. Cassetti, Secretary/Treasurer

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