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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pit Shade Canopy ideas and thoughts

I am gathering ideas and suggestions for installing a shade canopy over the flight tables in the pits, so please feel free to contact me with suggestions and ideas and such for this project, so we can gather up a list of materials needed, and to also see who has access to what materials ahead of time, and to put together some sort of an idea of a budget and bill of materials list for this project also.

So far, from what I have found out from several members, is a definite agreement on installing this project, and numerous people have came forward with ideas and suggestions and lots of great donations of needed materials such as lumber, metal roofing, hardware, paint, post hole digging and even cash donations.

Once we gather up a more firm idea of who has access to what amounts of different materials, then we can begin the process of seeing how much other materials are still needed, and the additional costs involved to the club.

Please let me know if you have any donations of materials such as those already mentioned above, and I will start gathering up cost projections to see about the possibility of voting for further work on this project.

If anyone knows of any, or has access to some metal pipe for corner posts also, that would be a definite plus.

Even if we only start out covering some but not all of the flight line at this time, that is still a positive step in the right direction to further this project along.

Since our next club meeting is coming up soon, and is at the flying field this time, I will set up my canopy again  so members can try to get an idea of just how nice it is to have the shade over us while flying, as well as looking into the idea of a possible wind-break for spending time at the field when the weather is cooler later in the season.

Contact me day or night on my cell phone to discuss this project, and also to let me know what materials or donations can be arranged to assist with this project.

Thanks again,
Mark J. Sullivan

Monday, July 23, 2012

In Memory of Bob White

Cloyce Mann awarding Bob White his wings at our January 2011 meeting

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Flying Report

Saturday Flying

The wind and weather cooperated this morning. There was a good turnout. Dennis, Terry and I all flew. The big event was Cloyce maiden flight on his World Models Edge. It flew like a dream, according to Cloyce. Pictures below

Some other pictures from the day:

A good time was had by all.

Sunday Flying

At the suggestion of Mark Sullivan we met to honor our late member, Bob White. Bill Worthen, Sr., although he had a family get together, came to show his respect for Bob. We had a good attendance with many flyers. Our summer member from Texas, Ken Campbell, just arrived and stopped by the field to say hello.
Cloyce had an engine failure just after takeoff and had an accident with his Edge. It will take a bit of work to repair it.

Mark Sullivan brought his 12 x 12 Coleman collapsible canopy and it sure gave great shade. (See pictures below) That sparked a couple of discussions about putting up a permanent structure over the current pit area. We can talk about it at the next meeting.
With a canopy over the pit area, there is more opportunity to socialize
Far view of Mark's canopy

Steve Stafford got some buddy box stick time in with Ed.

The Club's Trainer used by Steve
Ed was breaking in the engine on his AT-6

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday Get-Together in Memory of Bob White....

I thought I would throw out the suggestion to everyone about a last minute get-together Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 at about 8 or 9 AM'ish at the field (weather providing of course) to honor the memory of a departed club member, Bob White who succumbed to a heart attack on July 3rd 2012.
I spoke on the telephone earlier in the week with Bob's wife Karen, and extended my sympathies to her and all of their family members who will miss Bob's gracious presence, just like we will at the club.
 Bob was churning up some ice-cream in the workshop and came back inside complaining of not feeling well, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he suffered the heart attack and passed away.
No doubt Bob flew on Angels wings to be with his loved ones that awaited his arrival there.
 I plan on being at the field Sunday to fly in Bob's memory and to commemorate his great passion and devotion to his flying, and his unwavering assistance to furthering the club for everyone's benefit.
His wife Karen informed me that she donated all of Bob's RC equipment and aircraft to one of his family members that expressed an interest in learning how to fly RC aircraft, so that his beautiful handiwork and great skill can be enjoyed yet still by his family.
Anything related to the club that needed done Bob went through with it and made it happen, and most times it was done without anyone even having to ask him first. He was one to count on that is for certain.
Please let me know if you are going Sunday, or just show up then.
I only have a couple or so pictures of Bob, and would certainly enjoy anyone else that has pictures of him, to please feel free to share them with everyone on the website here, as you see fit to do.
Thanks again everyone, and I hope to see you at the field Sunday morning,

Mark J. Sullivan

Bob taking a break while working at the field work day event held this past spring.

Bob White at the far left keeping tabs on the paintball shoot event.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday Funfly

We had a great turnout for this event. Cloyce Mann was the contest director and we had many participants for this event. Although we had a full complement of planes on hand before 9:00AM, we had a late start for the competition. The first event was a spot landing contest. I brought my Sig LT-40 upgraded from a Evo 46 to an OS-55 AX (which proved to be too much power). Anyway it was plagued with nose wheel steering problems, until Mark Sullivan kindly removed his nose gear from his LT-40. That did the trick and I was able to compete in the spot landing competition. Unfortunately all this took valuable time that I didn't have. I had to stop at 11:00AM to run off to another club picnic in Canon City. I was supplying some of the picnic food, so I couldn't wait and had to leave. If anyone has the competition results or photos please add them to the site.

As a footnote, I spent several hours swapping out the engines back to the Evo 46 and rebuilding the nose gear. It appears to be much sturdier now and I'm anxious to give it a try. My next door neighbor, who was into RC years ago, wants to return to the hobby. I've offered him the use of the LT-40.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo's from Sunday 7-8-12

A good looking plane

A low speed pass

Ed's pylon racer. (he turns too fast to get a good photo in the air)

Head on with Steve's trainer

Marlowe's Cub

A good turn out

Nice job Steve

Right side up

Terry's Pulse

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burning Holes in the Sky on Sunday July 8th, 2012

 We had a great turnout of flyer's and student pilots both, for an absolutely fantastic day of flying under overcast clouds and perfect temperatures in the 70's with little to no wind at all throughout most of the day of flying.
 Terry Davis shot holes through the sky with his extremely fast Pulse 60, while Marlowe Cassetti wowed the crowd with his Saito powered Piper Cub and its beautiful and slow flying characteristics. Quite the contrast between both Terry's Pulse and Marlowe's Cub in the way both of those planes wow the crowds.
 We all enjoyed speaking to a couple of different spectators that showed up to watch the flying, and they are considering joining in with the club to learn to fly. I and everyone else sure hope they come back and join us in having a lot of fun on a regular basis.
 Dennis Sporing did his usual great job of flying with his beautifully built Telemaster airplane, and he appeared to be filled with smiles and enjoying himself in the process too.
We also had a couple of student pilots flying on the buddy box system with FCRCC Club President Ed Vincent's capable assistance to them, learning the skills necessary to learn RC Flying skills.
Those student pilots were Steve Stafford and Mark Putzer who joined the club this summer, and are progressing very nicely with their learning the ins's and outs of RC Flying.
Steve had his home built trainer out that he had built by hand some several years ago, and is in the process of re-acquiring the needed skills again to be able to fly solo again real soon.
 Mark was flying his trainer that he has put his own very own personal touches to it, since acquiring it from a fellow club member, just a month or so ago.
 Bill Worthen showed up and flew his hot-rod Saito powered Super-Sport, to the admiring attention of everyone at the field watching him put that plane through its paces.
 Club President Ed Vincent flew his Lanier pylon plane a few times, and I was able to watch Ed land it for the first time since I have seen it flying, with a power-on landing, instead of all those dead stick landings out of fuel from racing around the pylons. Ed also flew his "Ol' Reliable" SIG Kadet Senior several different times until some covering started to separate itself underneath one side of the wing. Ed skillfully landed it without incident to start the process of the easy repairs on the covering.
I got in a few nice flights with my Piper Pawnee this morning also, while learning to fly it lower and slower each time to hopefully be able to control it in some crop-dusting passes at a later date, once I learn the techniques necessary to be able to do that. On my last flight of the day with the Pawnee as I rolled down the runway and lifted off the ground, suddenly the Saito .82 size 4 stroke engine quit at a very low flight speed and altitude, and I had no choice but to make a very sudden dead stick landing in the soft dirt and weeds off of the North side of the runway. In the process of the low altitude and flight speed dead stick landing, it ended up suffering some minor landing gear damage to the bottom of the plane. Not a difficult fix to reattach the landing gear at all, and while I am at it, I plan on doing some reinforcing of the wire style landing gear setup, and also the structure inside the fuselage where the landing gear is attached to the bottom of the plane.
All in all it was an absolutely picture perfect day for lazy Sunday flying and/or tearing it up type of flying. Both styles of flying were in abundance throughout the entire day of flying at the FCRCC Club Flying Field.
A nice assortment of planes prepped and ready for flying.

What a beautiful and calm day for flying at FCRCC.

Student and Master hard at work.

Minor landing gear damage to the Piper Pawnee.
I left the FCRCC Flying Club field at around 1:30 PM Sunday, July 8th and there were still several pilots there still flying and enjoying the perfect flying conditions

I hope to have the Piper Pawnee back in flying condition as soon as the back ordered wheels arrive, and I also get time and space available on the building table to conduct the simple repairs to it.

I hope to be able to see everyone out flying real soon, now that the intense heat seems to have taken a break for us in this region for the moment.

Submitted by Mark J. Sullivan

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flying Report Saturday 7-7

Calm winds were experienced in the morning. Dennis, Mark S., Terry and myself were flying. Newest member Arlyn Robbins was on hand and Cloyce came to fly the first time since breaking his arm (see picture below).
It appeared that Cloyce could still put his Twist through its paces. Dennis was supervising the operation. Dennis was getting in some good flying in with his trainer.since being awarded his wings.

I was getting a bit too fancy with my Big Stick 40 and the picture below tells the story.
It was the result of a touch & go with a barrel roll ending. Unfortunately the bottom of the barrel intersected with the ground.

Terry brought his beautiful Pulse. He changed the prop to a 13x8 and it really made it fast. Dennis clocked it at 104mph!
I was surprised that the fine weather conditions didn't bring out more flyers. Maybe next Saturday when we have our funfly..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Induced Drag AKA Drag due to Lift

I gave a short talk at Tuesday's Sky Corral meeting in Pueblo. For those interested, you can see the the presentation at


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flying on the Fourth.....Wednesday Morning Independence Day

I ended up working all night long instead of sleeping as planned, so I just loaded up and headed to the field, expecting folks to start showing up to fly later in the morning. Steve Stafford from the Rosita and Wetmore area showed up, just as I had spotted a prarie rattle snake behind the impound building by the "Blue Room".
I got a picture of it snaking along in the grass but as you know, rattlesnakes are  camoflauged real well, and it does not show up very well in the picture I took of it. Anyone know where the shovel went from inside the storage building by the way? I went to use it for the task at hand, but alas, no shovel to be found in the building.
Snake in the grass!!!
I flew my P-51D Mustang a few flights before anyone showed up, and as always, it flies fine and fast.
A few takeoffs and landings with and without flaps for practice, and to shake the cobwebs off of the sticks this morning, and to get used to flying some in a bit of heavier wind than usual. Winds were out of the West at 13 gusting to 21 MPH according to our field wind gauge and observing our wind socks also. Sometimes the landings were done with cross winds almost due across the runway and other times the wind was right down the barrel. Made for interesting last second decisions as to how to approach each landing.

I got to watch the Smoke-Jumper helicopter load up with firefighters and take off heading for that small forest fire up above what appeared to be the Dawson Ranch area possibly...South of Canon City area it appeared they headed towards. The helicopter came back and got hooked up to the water bucket and headed back to the fire area to work on supressing that small fire before it got out of hand.

Skydiving Jump plane taking off on the left, while the Smoke-Jumper Helicopter took off with the water bucket.

Soon Steve showed up, and we gave Ed Vincent a phone call. He showed up to assist Steve with his student instruction using the trainer plane Steve owns and built.
Nicely built!!!

Steve Stafford being assisted on the buddy box system by Club President Ed Vincent.

After Steve and Ed flew the training session, I again fired up the P 51-D Mustang and got in  another flight  while  they prepped the trainer for another round of flying.
Steve is getting in good stick time, and with Ed's competent flight instruction, it wont be long at all before Steve is flying solo I can tell.
I put Ed on the sticks of my P 51-D Mustang so he could enjoy himself doing a bit of stick time and flying also, especially since he so generously showed up with nothing but a last minutes notice, without even so much as one of his own planes, to do some instructing.
By then the winds had shifted to the East as they normally do at mid day, and the temperature got to really climbing to almost the triple digit range, which meant it was time to pack it up and head for the cool AC indoors at home. I even snuck in a short nap too!!!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, and enjoy our independence!!!!

Keep your eyes open for the snakes and critters when you are at the field,

Mark J. Sullivan