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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Spruce-up List Update

We now have new seats painted and installed, on the picnic table underneath the cover between the storage building and the impound building. Many many THANKS go out to Buzz Haviland and Tom Williams for their answering the call to help re-do them with me.
 It didn't take long with the 3 of us doing the work and hauling the old seats out to the trash pile. I hope to be hauling that trash and leftover debris off in the next couple of weeks along with the unpainted, damaged beyond repair, picnic table to the dump also.
 We are gaining good ground on the list with everyone's great efforts at fixing the facility up in a very nice manner.
 I'd also like to Thank whoever it was, that placed my Spektrum Dx7 Transmitter Radio in the impound building out of the weather for safe-keeping. It appears I must have left it at the field on Easter morning after I got done flying then. I found it on the table inside the impound building safe and sound and in perfect condition.
Thanks again,
Mark J. Sullivan

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