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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lanier Stinger Giant for it is SOLD!!!!

Thank you's go out to Steve Anderson of our club for purchasing this Stinger today February 23rd, 2013....It's now SOLD!!!

This is the Lanier Stinger that I have offered for sale, and it has a brand new never ran Zenoah G-62 gas engine in it. It is a newer version engine that has the electronic ignition setup, along with an opti-kill radio switch that allows you to kill the engine from a switch on your transmitter radio for safety purposes.

This plane has not been fully completed yet, so that allows you to put in your own personal finishing touches to it as you prefer.

From off the top of my head, and we all know how lousy my memory is lately, it still requires a fuel tank setup and the engine throttle servo setup installed yet. Also a couple of canopy attaching magnets need to be installed or possibly either canopy allen screws or even a canopy locking plunger to hold it down needs set up on this plane yet.

The bottom side of the wing has the "Spaulding" logo in very large print across the entire bottom of the wing in large BOLD BLACK LETTERING with an orange background like the color of a basketball. This plane will be very easy to see when flying due to the giant scale size of the plane, and also how well the color scheme stands out too.

This is a well built plane with the foam core and wood sheeted wing setup for weight savings, and the entire plane is assembled strongly. It also comes with the Denver Nuggets Mascot included as the pilot.

Let me know what your thoughts and ideas are on this plane, and perhaps we can get together to figure out a deal for this plane.

Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out all of my other ads on here.

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  1. Congratulations Steve. I cannot wait to see it in the air.