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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Day Fun Fly Photos

This is to add to Mark Sullivan's post with some photos. And here they are:

Mark Sullivan demonstrating Auto-Land on his quad chopper

Just a few of the attendees for this event

Mark Seimen & Max McCartney from Pueblo Sky Corral Club

Max's Roadrunner taking off in a strong wind

Mark Seimen with his 12' Telemaster
Kiwi holding it down with Kenny and Dennis observing

The Telemaster braves the high & gusty wind

Another pass
I wasn't able to photograph all the flying. I missed Mark Seimen flying a variety of planes including a tiny F-86 ducted fan jet. And he took it off from our not too smooth runway and in the high wind too!!! I also should have taken pictures of our great food spread. We had some good eats that were provided by many.

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