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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day flying at the Sky-Corral airfield

Here's a link to the video I was able to get using my quadcopter at the Sky Corral airfield last week with some of the Pueblo club members. We flew off the snow in the parking lot and had a blast that day.....Tony Brotherton called me the evening before and I ended up meeting Kiwi (Stephen Cairns) in Pueblo West for breakfast and some great bench flying before we headed over to the field where we met up with Tony and his Dad along with Mark Siemens also. We were there at least a couple of hours it seemed like and I ended up flying all 4 of my batteries I had for the quad. They all got in several flights too during the day. Check out the video even though it is somewhat hard to see the planes on the flyby's due to them blending in with the snow in the background. Enjoy!!!

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