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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Balloon Festival

Our club participated in the Canon City Balloon Classic that was held Memorial Weekend. We had a booth that was operational almost all the daylight hours. Plus we gave R/C flying demonstrations Saturday and Sunday mornings. See photos below:

Terry watching while Ed flies his Cub
Looking West this was our runway, we flew to the North

View looking East
Steve Stafford is in the background to right

Looking north shows the plowed field where we confined our flying
I caught a piece of Ed's Cub's tail in the picture
Mark Sullivan gave demonstrations of his quad-chopper including a forced landing in the plowed field. It reminds one that with electrics you have to be mindful of draining the battery.

Now that we have experience with this event we can put on a better show next year, assuming they invite us back.

From The President:

The first annual Canon City Balloon Classic had a few minor mishaps. First was rain during a weekend that seldom if ever brings us rain. Second was the fact that the club voted to participate in the event yet just Ed Vincent, Ken Conway, Steve Safford, Mark Sullivan, Marlowe Cassetti, showed up to talk with the public and support the event. Third was a bit too much breeze for the balloons to launch. 

There was a good crowed early for the potential launch’s there were 6 balloons. I would estimate about 600 to 800 people. Most left by 8 to 8:30 then about 9:30 there was a second run of spectators meandering through. We gave away gliders from Estes to kids. Then Sat. about 11 we packed our stuff away and Ken, Steve and I left for the field to fly.
Sunday was about the same except there was more mud than on Sat. The early crowd may have been a little lighter but not much. We then packed up about 10, Steve stayed at the event a bit longer and Ken and I went out to the field for Ken to get additional flight time. 

Over all it was a good time for those that showed up to participate in the event.
Ed Vincent 

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