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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Eve Flying

What a gorgeous day to go flying. Calm winds, mild temps and great group of guys for company. When I arrived at the field I was greeted by a great demonstration of "almost" solo flying by our latest trainee Larry Shivers. He flew a few more times that day and he got in some quality stick time. Way to go Larry. He switched to a better trainer from the Alpha he had been flying. Much more controllable and thus a better trainer.

Larry Shivers and his "better" trainer

Ed Vincent had his large Spitfire out plus his Tiger II. He twice ran the tank dry on his Tiger, but gave a good demonstration of how to do dead stick landings. He didn't fly his Spit today due to a malfunctioning fuel dot.

Kenny brought out his Moki powered Edge and put it through its paces. I thought for a while he wasn't going to get it into the air today because of starter problems.
Kenny holding his Edge up while checking the fuel draw. Ed is working the throttle.
Gary Iovinella had a high wing sport plane and he practiced greasing in the landings .... except one rather bouncy landing, like a rodeo performance. Gary got a kick out of having three planes in the air at once. Gary, Ed and me. Ed's engine quit and Gary quickly called out "dead stick" and he and I got our planes out of Ed's way. Way to go Gary. Arlyn Robbins and his son brought out Arlyn's J-3 Cub. I left before they gave it a flight.

Kenny readying his Edge. In the foreground is my "Das Ugly Stik"
I brought out two planes, the Ugly Stik (pictured above) plus a Hobby King Spitfire, both electric powered. It was the maiden flight for the Spitfire and was quite pleased with its handling and performance. I have a bit of work to adjust the control throws. I switched on the stabilization (built into the Orange receiver) and it flew great especially when hit by gusts. I have to turn down the rudder gain but overall it did a great stabilization job. My flights on the Stik were routine and although I have about 8 flights with it I am amazed with how it performs due to its light wing loading and powerful motor. One flight lasted 16 minutes including three touch and go's. Hobby King's Das Ugly Stik is from Durafly and is one of their Retro Series.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow I plan to maiden my 55AX powered Stinger II. Wish me luck!

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