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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Flying Report

Saturday Flying

The wind and weather cooperated this morning. There was a good turnout. Dennis, Terry and I all flew. The big event was Cloyce maiden flight on his World Models Edge. It flew like a dream, according to Cloyce. Pictures below

Some other pictures from the day:

A good time was had by all.

Sunday Flying

At the suggestion of Mark Sullivan we met to honor our late member, Bob White. Bill Worthen, Sr., although he had a family get together, came to show his respect for Bob. We had a good attendance with many flyers. Our summer member from Texas, Ken Campbell, just arrived and stopped by the field to say hello.
Cloyce had an engine failure just after takeoff and had an accident with his Edge. It will take a bit of work to repair it.

Mark Sullivan brought his 12 x 12 Coleman collapsible canopy and it sure gave great shade. (See pictures below) That sparked a couple of discussions about putting up a permanent structure over the current pit area. We can talk about it at the next meeting.
With a canopy over the pit area, there is more opportunity to socialize
Far view of Mark's canopy

Steve Stafford got some buddy box stick time in with Ed.

The Club's Trainer used by Steve
Ed was breaking in the engine on his AT-6

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