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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I may run out to the field for some flying this morning before all the family festivities begin later today....I want to wish everyone a very healthy and joyous holiday today.....I know I have sooooo much to be extremely thankful for here on my end, and I will be enjoying some good times with family and friends later on today too. May your favorite team win in football long as it begins with the initials D B.....hahaha.....if only they played today....siiighhh.

I am still trying to locate a portable cutting torch setup to go get the donated pipe for the pit shade canopy project coming up. If anyone can think of a source for a set please let us know ASAP.

 Reminder: The Friday evening flying will again be this Friday, November 23rd 2012, at the Harrison School gymnasium beginning at 8 PM and going through 9:30 PM.

 Another reminder: Coming up soon is that the gate combination to the field and to the buildings will be changed on New Years Day again the same as this past year was done. Those with their club dues paid up before January 1st 2013 will recieve the new combination from the club Secretary/Treasurer according to the club's bylaws.

Is anyone up for and interested in another New Year's Day Fun-Fly....or is it a Fly-In....???.  I can not keep the two seperate in my head which is what....Come on out to the field and put something to fly up in the air no matter what the weather is....even an electric!!! The FCRCC club's second annual  New Years Chilly Day Burn perhaps???.....suggestions and ideas welcomed. Perhaps some folks would like to bring something to share with everyone such as beverages and whatever else comes to mind, and I'll gladly supply a big pot of award winning pork chili to warm the insides, along with supplying a large propane bottle and heaters to warm the outsides too, if the heaters are needed that day. I was thinking of the idea of putting up a small tarp or windbreak between the buildings temporarily if that is needed also. Please attend and bring in the New Year in a fun way.

 Have a safe and happy holiday today, and I hope to see everyone flying and visiting at the field or the gymnasium soon.


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