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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weekend Flying Report

Yes, I know the weekend is long past, but here it is anyway.

Indoor flying on Friday the 23rd. We had a good turnout, not huge but there were lots of helicopters and airplanes in the air, but not all at once. The Croffords were there plus Cloyce, Buzz, Dennis, Mark S. and myself. Here are some of the pictures I took.
Cloyce flying his heli

Buzz preparing his Night Vapor while Dennis watches
Buzz gets the Vapor airborne   
My Champ flew into the suspending gymnasium mats. Cloyce had to lower it for me to retrieve the little guy. My Champ is getting long in the tooth and I may replace it with something newer for indoor flying.
Our next indoor flying session is on December 14th. Hope to see you there.

Sunday Flying 

(I didn't go out Saturday, but I heard it was very windy most of Sat.)

We had a good turnout, but I didn't take any pictures. There were Ed, Terry, Mark S., Buzz, Dennis and myself (sorry if I missed anyone). The wind was a bit strong at times and sometimes gusty. When I arrived the wind had shifted from the west to the east and I got my LT-40 into the air with little difficulty. After one flight the wind picked up and I packed up. Of course, the wind calmed down after all my stuff was in the car. I guess this will be the usual routine as we transition from late Fall into Winter. This coming weekend may be a better opportunity for flying.

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