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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flying Giants Huckfest coming to a field near you soon!!!!

I wanted to let everyone know of the upcoming "Flying Giants HUCK FEST" that is fast approaching starting next Thursday August 8th, and going continuously through August 11th, 2013. The event is being held for the first time ever here in our very own state of Colorado this time around, and is sponsored by AEROWORKS Inc.

The event is being held at the Arvada Air Park flying club facility near Golden, CO. just off of CO Hwy. 93 North of town. I have included a link to the directions, along with information and flyer's for this great event and want to invite everyone to come watch this great show, and also to register to fly at the event too. Even if you are like me and not able to "Huck" an RC plane, you are more than welcome to participate and fly at anytime during this event. Don't forget to bring an electric plane to fly during the night time flying portion of this fun show too, and foamy's are a great type of plane to enjoy the night flying events too.

 I plan on being there sometime on Thursday August 8th, (possibly late evening) depending on my work schedule that day, and staying through Sunday August 11th.

There are numerous give away prizes along with raffled prizes and door prizes that have been announced by the main title sponsor AEROWORKS and their representative Mark Dennis, along with all of the other fine co-sponsors and manufacturers for this event.

 Don't forget to register to fly if you want to, and there is registration available at the event or in advance online too. Spectators, visitors and family members are always welcome and encouraged to visit this great show all through the event.

 Camping is available on the site for free, and there are numerous lodging accommodations near the field too, for those that plan on staying. I have a room reserved at the same DAYS INN hotel that I stay at when I attend the JEFCO Aeromodler's RC auction every February. I think this hotel has great accommodations and a very hospitable staff.

I look forward to seeing all of the great pilots again that I've met up with at the past "HUCK FEST" events I attended in Rapid City, South Dakota and I'm looking forward to not having to drive the 500 plus mile one way drive this time around too. The only drawback to this one thing is I wont be in the running for the "Farthest Drive" award this time around....HA!!! Pilots, spectators and visitors have been known to attend the past events from MT, ND, SD, CO, NE, KS, MI, IA, OH, IN, ID, UT and several other areas too.

I hope to see everyone there at the event coming up soon, and here is the link to the Flying Giants forum for the information and event flyer's.

another link to the Arvada club is at the following link too:

that above link includes maps and directions and field information too.

Copy and paste these links into your browser if need be, and check out all of the forums on those good websites too while you are there.

 I also plan on bringing some airframes to sell at this event too.

If anyone needs any assistance with this event, please feel free to contact me anytime too.

Mark J. Sullivan

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