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Friday, July 26, 2013

Weed Control Program at the flying field.

 I arrived at the field on Friday morning around 9:30 AM or so only to find Ed Vincent, Steve Stafford, Gary Ivonella and a prospective new member flying on the buddy box system with Ed's competent training and instructions.
 I decided I had best not  bring any planes to fly this morning, but rather to get the weeds sprayed around the field's buildings, parking lots and tables and public areas. I have not sprayed weeds out on the runway itself as of this morning just yet due to the busy flying activity going on with student training, but will be spraying the weeds in the very near future on the runway itself too.
 There is a brand new 2 gallon sprayer in the storage building for anyones use at anytime they see the need to spray some weeds. I have already seen some results in just the few short hours I was there at the field spraying them this morning as to the weeds starting to curl up some. There is an 10 Litre jug of VERRRRYYY expensive ground cover killer weed spray stored in our storage building that was purchased along with the new weed sprayer. Please do not use any more than 1/4 of a cup of weed killer per 2 gallons of water in the sprayer. This weed spray is professional grade strength and that is why the cost is what it is, but this product really works well, and there is absolutely no need at all to mix it any stronger than the specified doseage above. We shouldn't need to spray more than a few times per season with this product, and once we get the weeds sprayed earlier in the growing season from here on out, I don't see the need to spray more than 2 times per season once we get on track now that we have the equipment and spray to do it correctly in the future.
 We'll still need to do some trimming and mowing of the longer dead weed stalks later on after they die back, but that should not be too difficult now that the club has a working mower and weedwacker. Just volunteer anytime you can for everyone's benefit and with everyone's help, like we've had luck with in the past this chore won't be too tough to accomplish with many hands making light work of the chores.
 Hopefully I'll get in some flying on Saturday July 27th or possibly on Sunday the 28th of July too.
 I have my cordless screwdriver charged up and ready to bring to the field on Saturday morning to repair the cover awning framework that has pulled out the screws from the impound building, and will need one person's assistance in fixing that repair then also. It shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes tops to repair the problem, and I am always grateful for any and all help in upkeep and maintenance of everything at the club's facility.
 Ron Prewitt has graciously donated 4 more additional maintenance free type batteries that can be wired into our field's charging power station system now too. That way there is more stored electrical energy on tap for any heavy useage demands and needs, if that need should ever arise. Thanks for the kind donation Ron!!!  Possibly with Kenny McMullen's electrical expertise and advice we can get those batteries wired into the system in the very near future, but in the meanwhile our power station system is still operational and available for everyones needs still too.
 I brought home the combination padlock for the main gate at the field to work it over and try to free it up some due to it giving several members fits in making it work, but I was not able to get it to work reliably anymore however, so I am purchasing a new padlock for our clubs use, so we don't have the difficulty in securing the property correctly.
 If you see any other matters or concerns needing our attention in regards to maintenance and upkeep of the club's facility please feel free to effect the maintenance and repairs yourself if you possibly can, or feel free to contact myself or any of the people involved with the maintenance and we will schedule the time to effect the needed work in a timely manner.
 Once again I want to thank everyone heartily for all of their hard work in keeping our facility a top notch place to fly for everyone's benefit and enjoyment. Without all of our hard work it would not be as nice of a place as it is to fly at. Thank You very much everyone!!!!

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