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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday Flying Report

A great day to fly with the weather cooperating and a good turnout.

Dennis got some great flying on his Twist 40. He re-engined it with an OS 45AX and said it flew much better with the engine change and an adjustment to the c.g. Cloyce flew his gas powered Yak. It seemed to fly well but he wasn't quite satisfied. Bobby had a Saito powered 4-Star and he wrung it out with several flights. Steve Anderson brought out his Piper Cherokee. He flew it several times looking for a perfect landing.

Cherokee 40
Great Planes Piper Cherikee
Gary flew an ElectroStick and it flew quite well.

Gary, cast and all, just before takeoff with his electric Stick 

Since I hadn't flown at all for over a month, I brought out my LT-40 to dust off the cob webs and get in some stick time. My flight was a bit off with some drastic trim and stability issues. Cranking a lot of down elevator cured the problem. I later discovered that the forward wing hold-down attachment had developed some slop that resulted in a couple of degrees of incidence change depending on how much of lift was pushing or pulling on the joint. On a later flight Cloyce strolled out to two tanks just north of our field in order to see just how far out I was flying. The LT-40 was making it out to the tanks. Due to the proximity of the active airport runway the tanks should be the limit of our northward flying.

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