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Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Fun-Fly of the 2014 Season

We had a blustery start to our first fun-fly flying of the new season. The competition was how many loops in a 30 second time limit. The strong wind at times made consecutive loops difficult to maintain.

There were five contestants (shown below) and two judges, Steve Stafford loop counter and Ken Conway timer. The results were:

Ed Vincent             9 1/4 loops First Place
Cloyce Mann         8 3/4 loops Second Place
Dennis Sporing      8 loops Third Place
Marlowe Cassetti   7 1/8 loops
Steve Anderson      4 1/4 loops

Cloyce getting started to compete
Steve and Ken judging the event

Terry next to his Paramount watching Dennis preparing his Twist
in the background left Steve and Ed troubleshoot Steve's Tiger 60
In the background right is Buzz working on his plane

The flight line with Steve's Tiger 60 on the left

Terry working on his Paramount while Buzz watches

A good time was had by all. It was great to have so many participants. There were several flyers that flew but didn't compete. Mark Sullivan and his grandson stopped by the field on their was to a baseball game. Terry Davis brought his Paramount that he won a few years ago in a club drawing. He had some difficulty with it and didn't fly. Not in the pictures are my Uproar and Big Stick 40. I flew the Uproar but switched to the Stick for the competition. As the wind was picking up many of us packed up early.

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