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Monday, April 7, 2014

Saturday Flying April 5th

From the meeting the evening before, we scheduled a Saturday workday. I had conflict and didn't arrive until around 11:00 AM. Ed was spraying weeds and Steve Stafford was doing touch-up painting on the impound building. After spraying, Ed had some buddy box flying with both Ken and Steve. Terry and Kenny were also there but I didn't see them flying. Arlyn Robbins brought his T-28 but it was forced down with some damage. Mike Ciganek was there to lend his support for the workday.

Steve Stafford getting some "buddy box" refreshing from Ed

Terry, Kenny and Ken posing behind Ed's Funwagon
I brought my Drastik and micro Spitfire IX. The Drastik had the landing gear collapse on takeoff, so repairs are now in order. I flew several flights with the Spitfire and I think I impressed the guys with how well it flew. With a lot of help from the AS3X (Automatic Stabilization 3 Axis) technology which keeps the plane's attitude locked on. Makes it much easier to fly this very small plane (16" wingspan) especially if there is any wind.
FlyZone micro Spitfire IX after the crash
note elevator frozen in full down!

Unfortunately on the last flight the electronics malfunctioned and it came straight down. No apparent damage to the plane but the elevator servo failed in the hard down position. So far I think I will have to replace the electronics which is an all in one unit that has the receiver, AS3X built in, rudder & elevator servos, and speed controller. It costs as much as the entire BNF airplane which is now discontinued. 

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