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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching Up

A lot has been going on and I need to catch up on the Club's Blog.

First is our Buddy Box Session with the Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County which we had on Friday June 20th.
Trainer Ed Vincent briefing the boys & girls on the operation of R/C aircraft
Some of the kids really took to R/C flying and some had a bit of difficulty. However, a good time was had by all.

Next the Salida Airport 50th Anniversary Fly-In that was held on June 28th. A great line-up of full size aircraft were on display. Mark Sullivan and I were on hand with R/C models. The winds were too blustery for me to fly, but Mark put on some demonstrations with his quadcopter. Chris, a flyer from Salida, put on great flights with his electric acrobatic planes. He also had a large octocopter on display. 

Mark Sullivan at the FCRCC table chatting with some of the attendees
Here are more photos of the planes

A small sampling of the many planes on the flight line 
A rare 1930's era vintage Curtis P-36 
The star of the show, a P-51 Mustang

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