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Monday, July 21, 2014

July Fun-Fly

Everyone was assembled and ready for the 9:00 AM start but it was too windy. Reports from the automated airport weather station showed 22 knots gusting to 26 knots (remember to multiply by 1.15 to compute mph). Cloyce did fly his DA powered Edge and put on a great flying exhibition. I got out my Big Stick 40 and got in a flight with two touch and goes.

Cloyce taxing out his Edge

Since it turned out to be a blustery and windy day, we delayed the touch and go competition until more favorable winds prevailed later in the morning. Bobby put in a great demo of six T&G, Cloyce came in second with 2. I crashed on my first touch and Buzz won first in the electric class.
Just a few of the attendees watching the flying
The club's charity donation bucket was passed around and $8.00 was collected. Sorry I got it out late and didn't catch everyone before they left. There will be other opportunities to contribute to our designated charities.

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