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Sunday, January 4, 2015

More Photos From the 2015 Nitro-Chili-Burn Fun-Fly event.

What a fun time we had. I took a few pictures, I hope the captions explain them.
At first the snow fell hard. Most everyone stayed under the shelter near Mark's propane heater, or inside the impound building which had a small propane heater in use in there also.

Tony Brotherton's Polaris demonstrating snow skipping

This is what it took to fly the Polaris. From the left Chuck Starck,
Hannah Marie Brotherton, Tony Brotherton and Mark Siemen.

A special thanks to Mark Siemen for hand launching my Spitfire.

Can you imagine, jumpers landing at our field! That skdiver pictured heading in to land in this picture is our Club President's son Ryan Vincent.

More skydiving jumper action.

Everyone's eyes were on the sky.

Same too with this group.

Hans Miesler flying his RV-4 trailing orange smoke. He flew descending circles around the outside perimeter of the skydivers as they descended to our runway.

More jumpers on our runway. The flags were the jumpers target.

Hanna Marie held by her Dad. This was her third Nitro-Chili-Burn event.

Jumpers headed to the shelter and some snacks too.

Mark Sullivan firing up his nitro powered and ski equipped Uproar. He made a beautiful landing on those skis.
I wish I had caught a pix of it. 
So ends FCRCC's 4th annual New Years Day fun-fly event. Mark you calendar for January 1st of 2016. It will be bigger and better next year!!!
Submitted by Marlowe Cassetti

Added by Mark Sullivan: There were several pilots from our club and surrounding clubs flying both during the snow squall and after the snow had stopped falling and I would like to note that, especially while it was snowing hard at the field, that the visibility was quite limited to a very short distance away from the pilots due to very low cloud cover and heavy snowfall, but their expertise in piloting their aircraft shone thruough very brightly on a cold blustery winter's day as they welcomed in the New Year. The food shared by everyone was again fantastic as it always has been in the past during this event and the company  of fellow full scale pilots, skydivers and RC pilots from several clubs aroud the region was phenomenal too!!! I'd like to get a full group picture of everyone attending and supporting this fun-fly at our next event to share with everyone too!!! See you in 2016 for more fun and food!!!

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  1. Yeah the photos are explaining everything how much fun you had in this event! I really wanted to attend the Nitro-Chili-Burn Fun-Fly event. But dear I am going to attend a similar event at California event locations. I am so curious to be there!