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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our RC Club's annual "Nitro-Chili-Burn" fun fly event was a rousing success!!!!........I woke up to overcast skies and low cloud cover with zero wind but the temperature at that hour of the morning around 6 AM MST was a balmy -9 degrees Fahrenheit here at the house.....once at the field around 9:20 AM the conditions had worsened and as we were setting things up for the event the snow started falling slightly......within maybe 15 minutes or so, it was really starting to snow good, but I went ahead and fueled up my Nitro burning airplane engine and gave it a go........A white colored aircraft disappears rather quickly when the background clouds are white and down on the deck along with the white snow.......a bit of a fun challenge and a lot of fun flying in close and fast like that tho.......There were also several members of the local Experimental Aircraft Association that showed up to watch the action and we all appreciate all the support they give us all the time too....... numerous pilots got in lots of great flights from RC clubs all around the region that showed up here to support our annual event......the full scale aerobatics and skydivers were grounded with the low ceiling and minimal visibility conditions however though which wasn't a good thing..........but within about another hour and a half or so the conditions improved and the snow stopped and clouds lifted long enough for the aerobatics and skydivers to perform their feats of daring for us mere mortals stuck flying on the ground.........they put on a spectacular display to a rousing applause from everyone present watching them perform so spectacularly.......I was very relieved that we were able to get the surprise event in for all the folks there enjoying the event and we all got to see the skydivers land just a few feet away from all of us gathered out near the runway and to watch the aerobatics being performed simultaneously overhead.......once all the feats of skill and daring were completed it was time for folks to get back up flying their RC aircraft of all types and styles....there were several shared items of food to enjoy along with two huge batches of chili which were enjoyed by everyone there along with hot apple cider and hot chocolate and sweet desserts to keep everyone ended up being a really huge turnout of folks both flying and watching the fun and I am humbled by everyones show of support for this annual club event........I can not thank everyone enough for all their hard work helping out with this event and showing up and flying and having a great time ringing in the New Year......Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I posted this report on other social media and other sites earlier today and I wanted to let everyone know just how much they are all appreciated for their support and help year in and year out with our club and for helping all of the members also.
 I'll see you at the club meeting on Friday January 2nd at 7:00 PM MST to report on this event at the meeting also. Whoever had taken pictures and videos of this event please contact me ASAP so that I can get copies of the videos and pictures to post on our club web site here, and to also email some of them to other supporting clubs and their members who requested pictures and videos that they would appreciate being shared with them also.
 Once again I'd like to say thanks to everyone for their support and help with this event and to wish each and every one of you reading this a Very Happy New Years!

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