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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sky Corral RC Club Auction: February 7th, 2012.

 The Pueblo Colorado Sky Corral RC Club auction was held at the Fred Wiesbrod Aircraft Museum, at the Pueblo Municipal Airport, and was very well attended by several of the Sky Corral RC Club members.

 There were numerous aircraft offered for sale, along with numerous other RC items, such as engines, kits and accessories.

 I was the high bidder on a brand new in the box SAITO FA 1.80 engine, complete with the muffler and all the necessary tools for adjustment and operation of this large size engine.

 The owner of the engine decided to not let the engine go at that lower bid price, as the final bid had not met the owners minimum bid price.

 After the meeting and auction were completed, the owner of the SAITO 4 stroke engine contacted me, asking if I would be interested in the engine at a $30 dollar price increase from my final winning bid price, which of course I agreed to, and took possesion of that very fine engine.

SAITO FA 1.80 Four Stroke engine.

 After the monthly meeting and club auction, about a dozen or so of us headed to the Village Inn Restaurant, on the North side of Pueblo, CO., and enjoyed a great time visiting with each other.

 I had to get going, as we were wrapping up our nice nights time, since I had to work early the next morning, and needed sleep badly, due to putting in a very long shift the previous day at work, and only getting about 3-4 hours of sleep the preceeding night.

 Several of the Sky Corral club members expressed interest in coming up to the Fremont County RC annual club auction, coming up March 2nd, 2012, to participate in our club auction also.

 I will ask the Sky Corral Club secretary to send out an email in advance, to all of their members, to announce our upcoming auction, also.

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