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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flying Report Saturday Feb. 18th

I had been monitoring the wind and temps that morning and it seemed to take forever for the wind chill to move out of the 30s. Anyway, just as I had my car packed and I was ready to go to the field, my neighbors showed up at the house for a social visit. It was good to see our friends, but needless to say, that delayed flying by one hour.

When I arrived at the field only Kenny was there and I just missed Ed & Mark. However, in short order Bobby, Cloyce, and Buzz arrived with planes and the wind was low.


Buzz brought his new LT-40 and Cloyce his recently rebuilt Yak. Cloyce wrung out the Yak after having some trim adjustments with Kenny’s assistance. After four flights with my LT-40 which including two dead stick landings, I had to leave early to get ready to attend a Marti Gras party. I should have kept flying and enjoying the good flying weather (and saved myself the $80 for the two party tickets).

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