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Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3rd 2012
Monthly Club Meeting and Annual Auction Report
By Mark J. Sullivan

At the March 3rd monthly club meeting, the annual club auction was held after a short business meeting, but it was then decided to do a swap meet format, rather than the usual auction style of proceedings, and see if that would generate more sales and interest. I brought out a couple of trainers, that I had just that day acquired, to try to see if anyone was interested in them for personal, or club member usage, along with various other building items, engines, parts, tools and vintage equipment that I've acquired along the way in my short time in this great hobby.

CLICK on any of the pictures to view in larger detail.

Close inspection....did they pass ?

The meeting and subsequent swap meet were well attended I thought,  and I sold a few small items and donated some excess items  to fellow club members in need, that I had brought with me to the sale.

Hamming it up for the camera...???....or the excitement of getting a great deal perhaps???

Members looking over items to purchase.

Discussion of various items on the sales tables.

A couple of the up and coming young members enjoying the good times.

Some club members anticipating another deal in the makings possibly?

All in all I felt that, although  the members had brought out numerous great items to sell, it was just  that there were not a lot of the members buying allot in general. But I did see several members basically all but giving away great items to each other, for all but next to nothing in price, just to help each other out with their needs, and that is what is so good about this club.

Willingness to help out a fellow modeler is what this great hobby is about in this persons opinion, and for that I am very grateful to all of the club members for everything they have done in the past, not only for me, but for everyone else involved, and they still continue to do so to this very day.

After giving careful consideration and thought, about the need for a Fremont County RC Club owned trainer and demonstration plane, I have decided to donate a mostly complete trainer setup to the club for its use, at the clubs discretion, to assist other prospective club members, or even current club members, in flying, and being able to join the club and learn how to fly. Can anyone donate some 15% Nitro Fuel please ?

Possibly an invite can be extended to the Boys and Girls Club Board Members to come out with some of the kids and possibly their parents also, to enjoy a day of flying?.....Both Boys and Girls Scouts groups?.....Civil Air Patrol Cadets?....School Clubs?.....even the possibility of inviting some of the more mobile Senior Citizens out of their nursing homes on a warm summer day to enjoy watching folks flying ???

I'm sure there are plenty more opportunities to invite folks out to the field to spectate and/or even participate with the club during our events throughout the year. Any other suggestions ???

As long as everyone in the club is willing do the necessary maintenance on this AVISTAR RC Trainer plane, I see nothing but good things coming from our helping to bring in new members to the club in the future.

The reason for this donation is attempt to pay back the club, and its members, for all it and they have  given so very willingly to me. And yet I know, I can never pay back the club, nor the club members in full. But this is a start, somehow, for me to attempt to do so.

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  1. Thanks Mark for the positive comments. I can see where a club trainer can go and appreciate the idea and thoughts behind it. Thank You for the work you have done at the field and for planning a work day with specific goals in mind. I hope that we can have a great turn out and get many of the items complete. WE will plan on discussing getting some of the groups out at the field next month when we talk about the fly in and fun fly schedule for the rest of the year. Thanks again Mark Your President.