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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fremont County Radio Control Club work day pictures as promised:

Grandpa had to watch them from wayyyyyy far away....everyone thought he was more nervous than they were!!!!....HA!!!

Steve coaching Alex on the use of the buddy box.
My grandson Alex and his instructor Steve Anderson using the buddy box system for Alex's very first RC flight ever.
Steve and  Alex during his taxiing training exercises.

Grandpa watching them flying.

THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!!The next generation of pilots.

Click on any of the pictures, above or below, to see them in larger detail:

Fremont County RC Club workday at the field on Saturday March 24, 2012 and the progress throughout the day.
I'd like to personally thank everyone that attended the FCRCC workday event and their tremendous efforts that they all put forth in making this day a fantastic success!!!Humbled and grateful,Mark J. Sullivan

 In no particular order the folks that attended the event were as follows:
Steve Anderson, Marlowe Cassetti, Mike Ciganek, Robert C. Crofford Sr., Bob A. Crofford Jr., Terry Davis, Buzz Haviland, Sonny Hodges, Cloyce Mann, Doug Nelson, Dennis Sporing, Mark Sullivan, Ed Vincent and Bob White along with my own grandson Alex Loya.

 I'd also like to sincerely thank every one's spouses and such for their support of our club members, because without their continued support of our members,  all would be for naught.

 I hope I haven't inadvertently left anyone out of the list, and if I have, I will sincerely apologize for the omission, as it is not intentional at all!!!

Please let me know ASAP if  I have omitted anyone mistakenly, and I will get it corrected immediately.

Sonny Hodges, Terry Davis, Dennis Sporing and several others hard at it.
Steve Anderson painting the door on the impound building.

Cloyce Mann

My Grandson Alex painting a picnic table under the awning.
Bob Crofford Sr. and Jr., Terry Davis and Buzz Haviland.

Bob Crofford Jr., Doug Nelson, Ed Vincent and Bob Crofford Sr. 

Buzz Haviland hard at it painting.

Doug Nelson, Bob White, Grandson Alex and Ed Vincent.

Sonny Hodges, Terry Davis, Mike Ciganek, Doug Nelson and Marlowe Cassetti.

Split-Rail Cedar Fencing installed and everyone busy  painting buildings.

Mike Ciganek and Steve Anderson along with Terry Davis all hard at work.

Mike Ciganek and Cloyce Mann enjoying some shade away from the scorching sun.

Sonny Hodges and Bob White catching their breath.

Dueling cameras....Sonny Hodges along with Bob Crofford Jr. and Sr. in the background.

Bob Crofford Jr. and his Father Bob Crofford Sr. painting up a storm!!!

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