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Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Fun-Fly

Despite the crummy conditions (cool, some wind & mud) we had quite a few show up at the field this morning. Bobby had to convince Sonny that he was really at the field and not in his workshop.
Some of the lineup of planes awaiting to be flown. My LT-40 upside down to facilitate adjusting the nose wheel. Terry's Pulse 60 on the ground and Mark Sullivan's Stick 40 in the background. There was a lot of flying during the day.
Cloyce acting as dead weight to hold down Kenny's 1/3 scale J-3 Cub. See movie of it below.

And the Cub can loop too!

And it can land too ... no less a dead stick in the final moments.

Finally Cloyce got in some flying with his Edge. I just caught a glimpse of it. An awesome gasser.

Anyway, although there wasn't any competition events, as we originally planned, a good time was had by all.

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