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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photos from 4-21 & 4-22

Hello All,
Going to try to post some photo's again from a few weeks ago.
Dad is finally back from their little "vacation". Hopefully we can get out to the field soon and get in some stick time. Don't know if we'll make it this weekend or not being Mom's Day and all but I'm gonna shoot for Sunday morning.
Thanks again for your help and encouragement !!

Mark Putzer


  1. Mark,
    Any way of saying whose planes they are?
    You can click on each picture and put a caption with them as well as sizing them and placing them in various locations on your page as you want to.
    Once again....fantastic job on the posting.
    Mark J. Sullivan

  2. Great pictures. I think our club finally has an official photographer. I hope you can make it out to our fun-fly on Saturday.