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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Todays scheduled fun fly on May 12th 2012


I will be heading over to the field to inspect the facility to see if it is too muddy on the roads and parking areas and the runway to hold our scheduled fun fly event this morning and will be calling Marlowe once I get there and let him know what I find as far as the current field and weather conditions there, so he can email everyone and post a notice on the club website right away. As I drove past the airport on my way to the gym last nite (Friday) for our clubs indoor gym flying event, the weather in front of the airport along Hiway 50 was what I'd describe then as barely even a misty condition, not even a drizzle, so the field may be OK.....we'll see soon and Ill call and report the findings to Marlowe soon.
Mark J. Sullivan

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