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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pit Shade Canopy materials being gathered up...

 So far we now have some of the necessary materials on hand at the field for the upcoming Pit Shade Canopy project the club has been working towards installing at the flight line.
 We now have some donated lumber on hand stored at the field to start the project, generously donated from Ed Vincent, but more is certainly needed to complete all the canopies across the flight line.
 The pipe for the vertical legs that will support the Pit Shade Canopy structures is now in storage at the field and ready to be installed also.
 I have personally pledged tools, hardware, materials, money and my vehicle, fuel, trailers and time in getting this project completed, hopefully in the near future, for the benefit of everyone at the field.
 There are others in the club that have also personally pledged materials, money, tools, hardware and their manpower, vehicles, fuel and expertise in seeing this project to completion.
 We all still need more materials, manpower, hardware, money and expertise from anyone interested in assisting the club in assembling and completing this project, and you can contact me day or night to let me know what and when you can contribute to completing this Pit Shade Canopy project.
 A very big Thank You goes out to Mr. Jim Javernick of Florence, CO. for his very generous and kind donation of the needed pipe to be installed in the ground that will eventually support the structure on the flight line at the field. Without his kind and free donation we certainly would not be able to complete this project without a very major expense involved.
I also want to personally thank Terry Davis for his hard work in securing this donation from Mr. Javernick, and also to Ed Vincent in securing the use and free donation of the Oxygen-Acetylene torch setup that his brother-in-law owns. Our immense debt of gratitude goes out to all of those community members that have assisted this club, both now and the past, as well as in the future for all of the projects and needs of this club.
 Ed Vincent, Terry Davis and myself, Mark Sullivan, met in Florence, CO. at Mr, Javernick's storage yard on Friday Dec 7th, 2012 at 10:00 AM to cut the generously donated pipe, and to haul the cut lengths to the field and store it for later use.
We are still in need of approximately 20 bags of cement that we will then mix and put down in the post holes to secure the vertical pipes that will support the structure itself. Also if anyone has access to a post hole auger machine rather than just using my hand and manually operated post hole digger tool, that would be a great benefit in digging the post holes, not to mention saving some very tedious and back breaking labor. Another need still not yet fulfilled is the necessary sheeting for the roof covering material to use for the roof. I have secured a donation of a small amount of steel sheet roofing material similar to a Pro-Panel type of sheeting we have been given by the Fremont County Airport manager Dick Baker, and I also want to personally Thank him for that generous donation of materials also, on behalf of the club members.

Here is a picture of the donated pipe now being stored at the field awaiting erecting the Pit Shade Canopies.

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