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Monday, January 7, 2013

Flying Report Saturday Jan 5th

Saturday flying turned out to be good. The temps were good (in the high 40s) and the winds were low. We had a good number of flyers. I bet it was even better Sunday, but I was unable to make it that day.

There were too many planes and flyers to mention except for the following:

Terry putting the radar on Mark's UpRoar
We we were curious as to how fast Mark's UpRoar was flying flat out. The first picture shows the time trials. It was a slower that expected with it flying at 85mph.It lands at 28mph.

Capt Terry, Pulse 60 and new member Gary

Terry flew his pretty Pulse 60. Helping him is our newest member Gary Iovinella. Gary joined at our meeting on Friday. He brought out a nice electric powered trainer and he flew it quite nicely. He even let me fly it too.

I hope the weather cooperates this weekend but I have to remember this is January and we are in Colorado at over a mile high!

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