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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My very first flight of a "Giant-Scale" RC airplane.... builds a great flying ARF!!!!

What more needs to be said....hahahaha....

I got to fly my Super "D" Decathlon ( ) today and I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 flights on it, even though I had the transmitter timer set low at only 5 minute duration flights to see how the fuel consumption was going to do....I have since bumped the timer on the transmitter up to 8 minutes now, as a second step in the process of break-in flights....I am still running 25:1 fuel/oil mixture ratio yet also.

Ed Vincent was so kind as to show up at the field to stand nearby as I did my first solo flight of this beautiful flying aircraft, and I was most appreciative of his assistance and support. His son Ryan was nearby also and was very encouraging and helpful also on that first flight too. He got my cell phone camera going, and took a picture of me making a low approach pass near the end of the first flight, while i was feeling out the plane at a lower altitude and speed in preparation for a landing approach the next time around the pattern. I was feeling a bit nervous naturally while flying, but stayed calm during the flight and was very pleased how well my plane felt while flying it.

Marlowe Cassetti flew his Great Planes Escapade and his Piper Cub while Cloyce Mann flew his sweet flying nitro powered Twist. Ed Vincent also brought out a fellow students SU-26-M Sukhoi 40 size plane to see what all it was needing for its first maiden flight later on...he and several club members worked it over and did numerous adjustments and tests on it on the flight tables.

Dennis Sporing brought out his yellow trainer Tele-Master and of course he got it going and really put it through its paces in a pretty manner. Our clubs Vice-President Ron Prewitt showed up from Salida Colorado with his electric Stick and really got it screaming quite fast in the sky...he also flew his SIG Mark II nitro powered plane and had out his electric powered heli to fly also.

 Buzz Haviland flew his nitro powered Stick and a small foamy plane also.....I saw his SIG LT 40 on the ground but I'm not sure if he ever flew it today or not,...I was busy with mine and other members planes also, and may have missed that flight...Kenny McMullen stopped in for moral support and to visit with everyone, and was a great benefit not only to myself, but to several other pilots throughout the day also.

 Our newest student pilot, Jim Aultman brought his daughter by to show her the facility and she got to watch a couple of pilots flying, and she seemed to enjoy that a lot...Jim wasn't flying today, but rather stopped by for a nice visit with several people.....we also had a few spectators stop in to visit and observe the days flying and several club members got to visit with them also.

 I am still smiling ear to ear about how well this plane of mine flew today, and I am considering the possibility of taking it to the Sky-Corral RC Club field in Pueblo West, CO. Sunday morning, to fly it on their asphalt runways they have at that field.....I'll decide in the morning what the weather appears to be doing there before deciding on driving that distance to that field yet or not.

 I am tickled to death how well this plane takes off and easily makes me look like a better pilot than I think I am, since it flies so docile....and it is helping to make me into more of a scale-flying type of an RC pilot, due to the fact that I was having to introduce some coordinated turns using rudder into it, while turning.

 All in all a great day of flying for me there is no doubt at all.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support and help for everyone in this great club.

Mark J. Sullivan

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