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Sunday, January 13, 2013

JEFCO Auction coming up soon.

 The upcoming JEFCO Auction is being held February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds display hall and event center site, and I plan on attending it. If anyone has any items needing hauled up there to that event please don't hesitate to call me right away to make arrangements to do so. I will either get a hotel room reserved, or stay with Buzz Haviland in his motor home if the weather permits him to drive it there for the event, and I plan on being there for the entire event if my schedule allows that to happen.

 I have several smaller size nitro engines that I plan on taking up to the event also....Anything I have that is below about a .60 size nitro engine or so...other than for example lets say an OS AX style 55 size engine....I have numerous smaller engines that I don't foresee any need to keep around here for myself so let me know of your needs right away as I need to get them listed on the JEFCO auction web site catalog link ASAP.

 I haven't decided on any planes to take to the auction just yet, other than the foamy HYPER-TAXI unit I flew indoors in the gym....that is going to the auction for sure unless someone wants it before then. I may consider taking my big SIG Kadet Senior trainer plane up there to sell has the Saito engine powering it.

 A few radios I will probably take are three Spektrum 2.4 GHz radios.....the first one being a DX6i series 6 channel, 10 model memory transmitter. Another radio I am taking for sale there is a DX7 radio....7 channel, 20 model memory radio. Last but not least is a Spektrum brand DX5 radio that I used for a "slave" style trainer radio but it can still be used as a stand-alone 5 channel transmitter radio also.

  All of these items I will be listing in the sale catalog online soon for the Jefco web site so let me of your needs right away please.

 Thanks for every one's great support of this club, and all of the events we enjoy having throughout the year too.

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