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Friday, March 8, 2013

Indoor Gym Flying

Well we didn't have as large of a turnout as normal tonight for the indoor gym flying....only 4 members flew tonite, but we did have some youngsters stay over after their basketball practice time was up to watch us do some flying with helicopters and foamy planes.
Cloyce Mann and Marlowe Cassetti had fun trying not to lose track of who's small foamy plane was who's, due to the fact that both of them had identical ParkZone brand "Playboy" airplanes they each brought to fly. In the interim Cloyce Mann also flew his 120 size electric helicopter too.
Ed Vincent brought out his MSR heli and also a park flyer T-28 Trojan to enjoy, and he put on a great exhibition flying it around.
Later on I was up flying using my tried and true ParkZone Champ airplane and decided to try an inside loop, went well and I expected about what I observed tonight.
Later during that same flight, I decided it was time to attempt to slip thru the rafters while attempting another loop with the Champ airplane, but instead it got wedged tight into the metal rafters, hanging there with the propeller and engine wedging it in place.
We located a lighweight whiffle ball in the gym equipment storage area, and after a few practice throws at the plane stuck in the rafters, Ed Vincent was finally able to hit the plane with the ball, and dislodge it.
It fell approximately 24 feet striking dead straight down on the propeller and now the engine doesn't act like it has any power going to the motor. I will inspect it in the morning to assess the damage, and go from there.

Here are some pictures of the plane.

About 24 feet UPPPPP in the gym rafters!!!

Reported by: Mark J. Sullivan on March 8th, 2013.

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