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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moderately breezy....

I arrived at the airfield at around 10:30AM or so this morning on Saturday March 30th, 2013 to a gorgeous Colorado springtime day with plenty of sunshine and a few high clouds with breezes at around 6 knots out of the West, but by the time I got set up to fly my SIG 4 Star 60 with the OS 75 AX engine on it the winds had become a bit heavier and more out of the northerly direction so more of a slight crosswind for take offs and landings.
 Dennis Sporing called me right after my arrival and he also decided to come on out to fly too.
 No sooner than I had gotten off the phone with Dennis and Steve Anderson shows up to fly his new Comanche ARF plane and his Goldberg Tiger too. He sure put them both through their paces very well, as well as did Dennis with his yellow Telemaster he flys so well.
I had some engine break-in tuning difficulties to adjust on the engine on my SIG, and a prop size change which Cloyce Mann correctly diagnosed and recommended the 13x8 prop also. I took off again to a much nicer running engine that had a lot better peak performance characteristics and great transition functions too.
Marlowe Cassetti showed up with his nice flying Piper Cub with the gorgeous sounding Saito 4 Stroke .65 engine on board that pretty flying plane and got in several flights too.
Both Kenny McMullen and Cloyce Mann stopped in to visit everyone flying and enjoying themselves on this perfectly great springtime Colorado day with nice temperatures and moderate winds to fly in.
I was really surprised that not more members were not there enjoying the great weather and flying conditions today, and tomorrow's forecast is for more of the same nice weather too, for Easter Sunday.
Ed Vincent and myself have pooled our resources and supplies and have come up with what we hope will be a really great asset to the club members needs, and that is the battery powered charging station, for everyone  to use to recharge whatever they need to while at the field. I am also planning on putting a small 1.5 amp solar powered panel up on the roof of the building to allow the battery to remain at peak charge for every one's needs at a later date, when I can get to Pueblo to purchase the necessary items to add to the system.
I hope to see everyone out flying and enjoying this great weather we are experiencing right now, and I will be figuring out when to reschedule our missed Field Work Day for sometime in the month of April at our regularly scheduled club meeting and auction this coming Friday evening April 5th, 2013. Bring lots of goodies to sell and lots of money to purchase items from your fellow club members then as well too.
Happy flying everyone!!!

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