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Friday, May 3, 2013

Interesting Day at the Field

Interesting day at the field today. After rebuilding the vertical tailfin, and several other repairs on the Denver Nuggets Stinger, I again tried a test flight...way tail heavy and after a couple of minutes of hair raising flight was able to get the thing down intact. Dennis was there for that crazy flight. After a few flights on my Tiger 60, Ed and Jim came by Jim had steering problems with his trainer, and did not fly. Ed was going to do an engine run-up, and taxi test on hid F4U Corsair, but had fuel problems. I let Ed fly my Tiger 60, and after a few minutes of flight, he said that the aileron stick was sticking when he went to full left. I told him that I had not had that problem before. Then he said that he lost all aileron. He throttled back and realized that he had rudder, elevator, and throttle, but little or no aileron. After a couple of minutes of nearly out of control flight, he was able to land safely on the runway using only rudder and elevator! Wow what a great effort. I thought that plane was going down. Hats off to Ed for that feat. After he got it down, I looked at the transmitter, and where the stick screws into the gimbal, it had broken into 4 pieces causing the aileron not to work...never saw that one before. All in all it was amazing to bring home both airplanes intact. What a day!

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