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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The clubs newest RC pilot

Sunday, May 5th, 2013.

This posting is courtesy of our club President Ed Vincent who is having some difficulty posting and asked me to post this.

Congratulations to our newest R/C pilot Jim Aultman. Excellent touch & go's and
the same for his landing. Jim displayed excellent control in the air during
his solo flight. He went on to make 2 additional great flights. Then on his
3rd solo flight of the day his engine died and suffered some very minor nose wheel  damage with
the dead stick landing. All in all a great day for our newest R/C pilot.
Ed Vincent

 I was fortunate enough to be there at the field and got to witness a flawless solo flight being performed by a very competent new RC pilot Jim Aultman. Quite an impressive and astounding performance all day long with his flying too I would like to add.

Here are some pictures with Ed and Jim from after Jim's successful solo RC flight. I think the ear to ear smiling grin says it all.
Mark J. Sullivan

Now if he can just get his knees to stop knocking!!!.....HA!


  1. I've really got to express my appreciation to Ed for taking the time to train me over the past few months. It took a lot of his personal time and I truly thank you for each flight.

    For the next student: I had some tough times the past three weeks, it seemed like nothing was working out. Plane problems, engine problems, crash into the fence and learning balsa repair and recovering, and wind (always the wind). Stick with it and Ed will make sure you are ready before you realize that you are.

  2. Jim, this some good feedback from our recent pilot trainee. Congratulations for having stuck through it all.