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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fun-Fly Spot Landing

Mark Sullivan covered a lot of stuff that happened today, so I'll just cover the spot landing stuff plus add some photos,

Guys waiting for the wind to cooperate and the rest of the club to show up
Jim Aultman also waiting for things to get started
Bobby was the first to start the spot landing competition with his 3D profile  electric
Cloyce next tried his hand with his Twist 40
Mark & his Super Decathalon Citabria

The overall winner ...with the target line. Mark nailed the competition with the closest to the line
Father & Son team Ed & Ryan Vincent at the fight line

Ed was flying his new Spitfire ... I caught it just above touchdown
Cloyce brought out his large gas powered Edge 260. What an impressive plane.

And the Competition results were:

Electric Division:

  1. Jim Aultman    38"
  2. Bobby            47"
Fueled Division:

  1. Mark Sullivan    21"
  2. Kenny               63"
  3. Cloyce Mann   125"
  4. Marlowe          154"
And there you have it. A good time was had by all.

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