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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fremont County Radio Control Club Fallen Members Memorial Plaque

I picked up the plaque that the club  voted on, and was authorized to purchase from Mohr's Trophy Shop in Florence, CO. last Saturday, May 25th 2013 from them, and if I do say so myself, I think that they did a very fantastic job making this Memorial Plaque for our club. She donated part of it's price to the club so that we could stay near our allotted budget figure also, which was a very nice and thoughtful gesture on their part as a local small business. Her comment to me in regards to the cost savings for us was "If I can't try to help a small club that does so much for our community like you folks do for others, then I wouldn't feel right for not trying to help out in some small way".  I sure do appreciate their kindness, and I am sure that the other club members share in that feeling towards Mohr's Trophy Shop also, if I may be so bold and speak for them too.

 I was able to get out to the field finally on Saturday morning June 1st, 2013 and got it mounted to the wall of the impound building where it is adequately protected from the elements.I had asked when it was ordered to have them make it so as to help withstand being outdoors when they made it for us too. I have seen other clubs that have these types of signs or plaques that have been  made in the same manner, and they have been up for instance a good 20 plus years and they don't look any worse for the wearm and they are even in much more direct contact with the elements and not under any sort of protected area, such as is the case with our new plaque.

We will compile a list of members names to be engraved and put on the plates that are attached to the plaque just as soon as we can get as complete of a list of all fallen members from any and all club members both past and present, so please put on your thinking caps and get the list in to any of the club officers as soon as you can, so that we can get the engraving done right away on the plates.

I'd like to suggest an idea of a possible Memorial Plaque dedication ceremony to be held at a later date that the members feel is a proper time to conduct that sort of a ceremony also. Please let us know when you have any ideas of holding an event like that suggested above please.

I took some pictures of it after it was mounted earlier today after being assisted by fellow club members Terry Davis and Jim Aultman in getting it installed at the field today, and I have included the pictures in this blog report.

We could also use some assistance with the oncoming weed control and mowing situation this season also, if anyone would please donate some time, or possibly some fuel or weed killer, to get some weeds sprayed and the mowing taken care of, even if it is only a portion of the areas that need attention. Any and all help is always greatly appreciated as everyone well knows too. The gas mower is in the storage building and there is a gas can stored in there also, but it needs a gallon or so of gas purchased to get the mowing and weed cutting caught up. There is also a weed wacker available for use in the storage building, along with some spare cutting line, for anyone's use also. The weed wacker uses a 2 stroke mix of gas and oil similar to what some of our club members gas airplanes use in those types of engines too.

Feel free to call me anytime with any questions regarding the weeds or the mowing and I will definitely be available to help answer any concerns or questions you may have as best that I possibly can. Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work in keeping our facility in such nice shape that it is in, and that includes picking up your trash and broken or used rubber bands and any sort of litter that is blown into the area too. We have had some of our members bringing their pets to the field and those members have been definitely trying to keep up with any of their pets "droppings" removed when found in a very timely manner lately, and I have noticed a very nice improvement along those lines, and I want to thank the members for diligently taking the time to do so personally.

I will be placing the emergency water fire buckets out near the flight line for the season again very soon, just in case of a fire, and there also are two fire extinguishers mounted inside the impound building available for emergency use at any time at the field also.

Please also consider bringing a gallon or so jug of water with you when you visit the field, and pour it into the "blue-room" latrine tank to help with that situation also. I try to use a trick that I read that a fellow AMA pilot posted about on one of the many club forums online, to help them remember to bring a jug of water for that purpose, and that trick was as follows:

" I try to remember to bring a jug of fuel for flying my planes, so I also then try to remember to bring a jug of water to pour in that tank of the latrine too".

I thought this was a very effective and easy remedy for a thoughtful gesture of helping out where we all can. If anyone needs a spare jug for this purpose there are some spare jugs under the table inside the impound building available for the taking for that purpose.

 I have rambled on long enough, so as promised, here are the Fallen Members Memorial Plaque pictures:

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and assistance,
Mark J. Sullivan


  1. I put 5 gallons of water in the blue room this evening.

  2. Thank you kindly Jim Aultman. Much obliged Sir.